Best BetOnline Bonuses For August 2022

Every major online sportsbook is preparing for the return of the NFL football gambling — the most bet-on sport in the United States by a mile. NFL season is “where the money is” and that goes for sportsbooks and bettors alike. Look at BetOnline, for example. The popular betting site has not one, not two, but three lucrative NFL-based contests in the works that bettors need to know about. The contests don’t officially begin until September (when the regular season starts) but August is the time to begin signing up to the contests. Here’s what to expect in the bonus department at BetOnline in August:

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NFL Contests Mean Big Bucks At BetOnline

Half a million dollars — that’s how much is at stake in BetOnline’s Mega contest. It’s a season-long handicapping contest that runs from NFL week 1 to week 18. Every week, contestants must pick five games against the spread. Get a pick right; you earn one point, and pushes are worth a half-point. Top point-getters by the end of the contest win big.

The $500,000 prize is split between the top 200 contestants. First place earns the lion’s share of the prize at $200,000. Second gets $50,000, and the rest of the purse is distilled in smaller amounts to the remaining top 200 contestants. Prize money will be credited to players’ accounts with zero rollover requirement.

Contestants can enter the Megacontest up to five times. The first entry runs $100, but the number dwindles each entry after (e.g. $75 for the second time and $50 for the third). Registration is open from now until September 12. However, it’s in your best interest to sign up by August 21. That’s because BetOnline’s early-bird promotions end that day. With the promo, players that sign up for five entries will be entered into the site’s survivor contest free of cost.

Since we’re on the topic, we might as well explain BetOnline’s survivor contest, which is its own thing. This game works like any other NFL survival contest — pick one team to win every single week of the regular season. Any player that can “survive” all 18 weeks without picking a loser (and not repeating teams picked) wins the contest. The difference between this survivor contest and others is BetOnline is offering $200,000 to the survivor.

Bettors can submit 25 entries to the contest; the first costs $30, but here again, the price decreases with every new entry. Entries must be submitted before the September 12 date, as well. If more than one bettor survives, then the $200,000 prize will be split amongst them.

As for the last BetOnline contest, it’s just a smaller-scale mega contest. Same rules as mentioned before, but the grand prize is a more “modest” $10,000. Due to the lower prize, entries are also cheaper. The first two cost $2, while a third is $1. Entries are capped at three, not five like the $500,000 promotion.

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BetOnline Offers More Deals Beyond NFL

Let’s say you’re one of those rare bettors that have no interest in the NFL or it’s contests. Welp, that doesn’t mean there’s not something for you at BetOnline. The classic sign-up bonus and reload offer are certainly good starting points.

BetOnline is offering $1000 in free play to first-time users of the site. Like most bookmakers, the sign-up bonus is the most lucrative deal in terms of upfront money over at BetOnline. The deal is unlocked upon depositing money into a new account. That money is matched by BetOnline in free play at 50 percent. Thus you’ll need a $2000 deposit to score the max bonus prize.

You can exhaust the free play earned as you like on ANY sport. This is great right now for MLB bettors since the sport is rich with opportunities at the moment.

Once the sign-up bonus is used up, bettors can also fall back on BetOnline’s reload bonus. This deal will match any follow-up deposits at 25 percent for up to $250. The great part about this reload offer is its use is unlimited. Every time you re-up on BetOnline, the promo can be leveraged.

100% up to $1,000
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Crypto Bonuses Offer Bigger Bargain At BetOnline

If you’ve read our latest BetOnline review, you know the site is big on cryptocurrency. It currently supports a number of coins from Bitcoin to Ethereum, which can be used to make bets. But here’s something you might not know: using crypto on BetOnline is more lucrative than not using crypto, and that’s apparent in the promotion department.

Right now, BetOnline is giving players $1000 in free play on their first crypto deposit — whether they’re routine bettors of the site or new ones, the money is yours if your depositing crypto into the platform for the first time. There’s a 100-percent match on this offer, double that of the aforementioned sign-up bonus.

Bettors also get a better bargain when reloading their account with crypto. Unlike the previous 25-percent match, this crypto reload deal jumps to 35 percent. Believe us, in the long run, that extra 10 percent sure adds up. That’s why it literally pays to use crypto on BetOnline compared to other traditional forms of payment.

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