Best BetUS Bonuses For September 2022

The entire online sportsbooks marketplace is littered with promotions and contests — that’s just the name of the game if you want to stand out in a competitive industry. Welp, BetUS stands out. It stands out a lot. This popular betting site has various offers on the table, some worth massive amounts of free money. In this article, we’re giving you the best deals at BetUS available in September, a month bursting with opportunities now that NFL and college football is back.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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NFL Contests Are Plenty And Often

Let’s begin with the NFL — the “mother” of sports betting. If you’re reading this, Week 1 of the NFL regular season just concluded. Because of that, you missed out on the site’s NFL survivor pool. To enter, a pick had to have been made before that week’s games. But hey, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck because BetUS offers other contests related to pro football.

For one, there’s parlay cards every single week. BetUS will pick seven different NFL games of that week and it’s on gamblers to correctly guess who covers the spread. No moneyline or over/under picks, only against the spread. Your card is locked once you pick it — no switching bets and moved lines also don’t count against you.

BetUS offers two different pools for this contest — a $5 and $10. Prize money differs week to week based on how many entrants there are. Ten percent of your sign-up is collected by BetUS, but the other 90 percent goes to the prize pool. If you’ve read our latest BetUS review, you know this site is well-used. Therefore, prizes can get steep based on the site’s sheer popularity.

These parlay contests are a staple of BetUS. Outside of NFL, they also have them for boxing and UFC cards, plus the upcoming World Cup. Given how low the buy-ins are, they are definitely worth your time and money.

BetUS also offers a squares pool on ALL NFL games that week. Squares is less a game of skill and more of dumb luck as you hope the final game score aligns with the numerical square you bought. It’s a nice complimentary bet if you grow tired or picking parlays and traditional bets (spreads, props, etc.).

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Biggest Sign-Up Bonus In Whole Industry Is At BetUS

You saw the headline above and we think there’s a 90 percent chance it’s true. Look, we haven’t been on every single online sportsbook (there’s just too many worldwide), but we’ve certainly explored massive amounts of them. When it comes to the pure monetary value of sign-up bonuses, BetUS sportsbook-only deal reigns supreme. We mean, the thing is worth up to $2500 in free play — and that’s no typo.

Technically, there’s two different bonuses we’re talking about but both are eerily similar. Let’s discuss the “pure” $2500 offer, which is reserved for sports betting only AND crypto only. If you use a supported cryptocurrency to make your first deposit, then BetUS will match that dollar for dollar up to a quarter of ten grand. To unlock this bonus, you’ll need to use promo code SU100CRYPT.

If you’re still on the fence about using Bitcoin and other cryptos, then BetUS has a separate bonus. This one actually goes up for $3125 dollars in free play — $2500 again for sports and the other $625 for casino play. The promo code for this deal is JOIN125.

No matter which of the two deals you choose, you’ll be subject to a 10X rollover. That prevents you from making free play and withdrawing it straight from your account. No, no, no you’ll be forced to gamble 10X of your free play before funds can be deposited out of the account and to your bank account, for instance.

We don’t know about you, but $2500 upfront in money sure is a pretty penny. This bonus is a perfect way to bankroll your bets for the month, whether it’s on football, baseball, combat sports, or something else!

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Refer A Friend Raffle Is Ongoing

Everyone has a classic refer-a-friend bonus. You know, where you link a friend or family member to the site, they sign up and you make free play off that. Here again, BetUS’ deal in that department is as lucrative as you’ll find. They will give bonuses on the first three deposits your referred friend makes — each valued at 100 percent up to $2000. If maxed out all three times, this bonus can reach as much as $6000 in free play for the one refereeing friends.

But during football season, BetUS is upping the stakes with a raffle on referrals. Here’s how it works, one referral is worth one raffle ticket, two referrals is three tickets, three referrals is five tickets, and so forth. But BetUS isn’t just doing one single raffle. No, they’re doing seven different ones up until the Super Bowl in February.

Three prizes will be awarded in each raffle drawing. Prizes up for grabs include free play, gift cards, NFL game tickets, and electronics like TVs and smart watches. If up to $6000 in free play wasn’t enough incentive to refer people to BetUS, then these raffle prizes will certainly sweeten the deal.

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