Best Bovada Bonuses For August 2022

Sports betting begins to heat up this August with the return of college football and heck, even NFL preseason. That, along with the usual daily dose on MLB, of course. If you need spare cash to tackle the opportunities (pun fully intended), then we have an idea: cash-in on Bovada bonuses available this month. The major online sportsbook has numerous offers on the table in August, but we’ve hand-picked the ones most worth your time. Below we’re giving you three can’t-miss deals at Bovada right now:

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Crypto Bonuses At Bovada Are Second To None

Historically, Bovada isn’t particularly known for giving out huge amounts of free play. Due to its popularity, it didn’t need to, unlike smaller sportsbooks trying to lure new players. However, that’s changed with crypto. The most lucrative way to make free play at Bovada is simply by using one of the supported cryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among many others.

For starters, there’s the big-money sign-up bonus. It pays way more to use crypto rather than “regular” payments like credit or debit card when redeeming these bonus. Why? Because the payouts are astronomically different between the two. When betting for the first time at the Bovada sportsbook, the regular welcome bonus pays out a measly $250. But with crypto, the payout triples to $750.

But that dollar amount pales in comparison to Bovada’s crypto welcome bonus reserved for casino play. This deal tops out at a whopping $3,000 in free play, and that’s no typo. This casino-crypto deal applies to the first three deposits made into the platform by new players — each valued at $1000 with a 100-percent match. If maxed out all three times, the total value is $3,000, which is among the highest in the whole industry.

We don’t care what you think of crypto, whether it’s a scam or revolutionary technology primed to change everything, but there’s no debate about this: it pays to play at Bovada with crypto.

50% up to $1,000
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Rewards Program Has Most Long-Term Value

Bovada is know for a lot of things — its pristine reputation, its friendly offers, but one thing that flies under the radar is its rewards program. Bovada has one of the best reward programs in the whole industry.

It works like any other loyalty programs: you bet, you get points. The more you bet, the more points you accumulate. This applies to wagers made in the sportsbook, casino, or poker room — which are all top-notch, as mentioned in our up-to-date Bovada review. Rewards points can be redeemed for cashback, which is where the real value is accrues.

Bets are not created completely equal, however. A more risky bet like a sports parlay is worth more Bovada reward points than, say, a slot game spin. Every $1 spent on the parlay results in 25 rewards points, but that same dollar is worth only three points when playing slots.

There’s also different reward levels. In total, Bovada offers six tiers to rank up through— starter, rookie, pro, all-star, legend, and hall of fame. The main difference between each is the redemption rate. For example, rookies need 2,500 points to earn a single dollar of cashback. But at Hall of Fame, a $1 cashback can be scored with just 1,000 points — or 60 percent less of rookie.

The amount of lifetime points earned is what qualifies you to a level. The keyword in the last sentence is lifetime. Unlike competing rewards programs, you don’t lose your status for inactivity — which forces you to bet just to keep up. At Bovada, any reward points earned stay with you for life. Only $2,500 points are needed to rank into rookie, but a more steep 1,000,000 points is required for legend, as a pure example.

All things considered, Bovada’s rewards program is elite. Heck, it’s more comparable to a comp program you’d find at a big-name Las Vegas casino — not an offshore online competitor. Bovada’s program is THAT good!

50% up to $1,000
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Dollar-For-Dollar Match In Poker For New Players

We briefly touched on this earlier, but it bears repeating: Bovada’s poker room is the real deal. It’s a full-fledged poker room involving real players and yes, real money. Bovada is especially known for its massive pot sizes for poker tournaments — which can reached $1 million for its Monthly Mills contest. That reward will have to be earned, but you can get $500 off the bat before you ever receive a hand of cards.

New players making their first deposit into Bovada’s poker room are eligible for the $500 prize. The best part? It’s a 100-percent match so to max out the $500, one would need to deposit the same amount of their own. You can’t go wrong with a dollar-for-dollar match, which is actually double the sportsbook’s match of 50 percent.

Let’s talk about this deal’s fine print. Bonus money earned expires after 30 days. Also, the bonus isn’t dispersed completely upfront but in increments. That’s a bit annoying, admittedly, but at least there’s no rollover amount associated with the deal so you can withdraw funds immediately. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes, folks!

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