Best GTBets Bonuses For June 2022

It’s been an exhausting few weeks of sports betting between the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and other events. You may need an injection of cash to get you through the rest of summer. If so, GTBets is willing to comply. This betting site has a load of opportunities for its players, each with massive free-play potential. For your convenience, we’ve selected our favorite promotions available right now below:

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Rewards Program Means Big Bucks Over Long Haul

Perhaps GTBets biggest market differentiator is its Game Time Rewards program. Loyalty programs at major online sportsbooks aren’t all that common (yet), but GTBets is an outlier in their service, which rivals the comps given out by Las Vegas casinos.

GTBets rewards program is broken into three tiers — silver, gold, and platinum. The points accrued, from placing bets, vary at each level. Obviously, the higher the tier, the more friendly the points model is in your favor. Bets of any kind, whether it’s in the sportsbook or casino, rack up points. Though, be on the lookout for certain promo days. For instance, GTBets doubles the rewards given from horse-racing bets on Tuesday only.

As for the rewards themselves, well, you have redemption options between cashback, sweepstake entries, and merchandise. We probably don’t have to tell you cashback is where the bulk of the value lies. And yes, this is cash — not free play. Therefore, money earned goes straight to your playing account with no string attached (e.g. rollover requirements).

We go into length about this second-to-none rewards program in our latest GTBets review so check that out for more details. But the overarching point we want to leave you with: this program is perfect for consistent bettors. If you’re truly committed to this sports betting thing, then it’ll be tough to beat the value earned from Game Time Rewards. This program literally pays you to play.

100% up to $500
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Sign-Up Bonuses Is Immediate Injection Of Cash

We get it, the aforementioned Game Time Rewards program takes time to see its full value. For some bettors, that’s time they don’t have (e.g. they need money to bet on tomorrow’s Yankees game). No worries, GTBets has other bonuses for you that are much more short-term. Enter player-friendly sign-up bonuses, the most lucrative promo available at almost every bookmaker, including GTBets.

Here, you can rack up up to $750 in cash. The keyword in the last sentence is up to because $750 is the max reward. The exact bonus amount will depend on you and how much you deposit into GTBets to start off with. Allow us to explain.

Upon creating a brand-new account, a players initial deposit is matched dollar-for-dollar by GTBets with the cap being $500 in cash. So for instance, an opening deposit of $300 would equal $300 in free cash too.

However, the goods don’t end with one deposit, which is the industry norm when it comes to the welcome bonus. GTBets also dishes out free cash on the second-ever deposit by a newbie. This follow-up bonus is a 50-percent match up to $250. To max this out, a player would need to fund their account with at least $500 on the second time.

A rollover requirement of 12X comes attached to free play earned from this bonus. That’s not a small number by any means, but it’s in-line with competitors. Still, this short-term deal has its value and that’s increasing one’s bankroll in a hurry. It’s a perfect option for bettors with a short time horizon or just want to attack an opportune bet that’s arriving quickly.

100% up to $500
Bet now

Multiple Ways To Get Rebates At GTBets

GTBets loves cashback — and not just with its rewards program either. The site offers not one, but two rebate programs. Combined together, these rebates can amount to huge earnings for bettors consistent enough to see it through.

The first rebate comes on Monday. It’s a rebate on horse-racing bets only. GTBets offers a full-blown racebook and total losses incurred throughout the week are rewarded back in a cash. The rebate amounts to 10 percent and is deposited straight into your account by 3 pm EST every single Monday. Not a bad way to start the week, eh?

But the week gets better on Tuesday with GTBets’ casino rebate. This one works in the same fashion as the previous rebate. It’s 10-percent cashback on any casino losses incurred over the prior week. The keyword is losses — NOT on the total amount wagered. There’s also no rollover on this money earned so it’s immediately withdrawable.

All in all, very few top-rated offshore sportsbooks have GTBets beat when it comes to promotions. And unlike competitors that almost solely focus on lucrative sign-up bonuses, GTBets also offers rebates and rewards program to beef up its offers. The site is worth a serious look this summer.

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