3 Things Bettors Need to Know Today (Fri.)

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1. Osweiler dealt in salary dump

The Browns brought in baseball people to fix their football team, and now they’re stealing ideas from basketball and hockey. The salary dump is a rarity in the NFL, because few teams ever have as much cap space as Cleveland and such little desire to use it. But by taking on Brock Osweiler’s $16 million cap hit for next season, the Browns netted themselves yet another draft pick, giving them eight picks in the first two rounds over the next two seasons.

The Browns rebuild will still take a long time, as they have to start hitting on and developing all of these picks. But at least they have a clear plan now, something that has been missing ever since the team moved back to Ohio. As long as they don’t do something stupid – like say trade a bunch of these picks for Jimmy Garoppolo – Cleveland will be in good shape down the line. If you know someone offering early odds for Super Bowl LVI, the Browns could be a good shot for that.

In the immediate future though, this deal greatly boosts Houston’s chances. The team’s only glaring issue was at quarterback, so even though the question of who will be under center next season has yet to be answered, this is still a major addition by subtraction. Consider the Texans a real player in the AFC this year.

2. Jeffery auditions with Philly

The best receiver on the open market was propositioned by many, but ultimately chose Carson Wentz and the Eagles. But before Philly fans freak out, remember, you’re just renting Alshon Jeffery. Unimpressed with the offers he was getting this offseason, Jeffery took what was essentially a franchise tag to try to boost his value and land a huge deal next year.

In the meantime, Eagles fans will be thrilled to see what their exciting sophomore QB can do throwing to a competent receiver. Yet the better Jeffery looks this season, the more it will cost to keep him next, and currently Philadelphia doesn’t project to have a ton of cap space in 2018. So don’t get too attached to the big receiver, Eagles fans. Maybe hope that Wentz develops a bond with Torrey Smith instead?

3. Vince Young to CFL

At 33-years-old, the former Longhorn great (and Titan, okay?) is attempting a career revival north of the border, signing with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. Young, who last played meaningful snaps in 2011 with the Eagles, retired in 2014 and took a job with Texas as a fundraiser. Now he’ll attempt to recapture his former glory with a team that has finished in the bottom of the CFL each of the last two seasons.

In the pass-heavy Canadian game, a quarterback with excellent mobility is the greatest weapon. Early-career Young would’ve taken the league by storm. Now? Well, lets just say the man at the podium yesterday didn’t look like he would be blowing by linebackers this summer. The Riders have the longest odds to win the title this year, and Young figures to make the bet even less likely.

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