3 Things Bettors Need to Know Today (Tue.)

If you are looking for a brief summary of what you need to know today to make informed betting choices, you’ve come to the right place!
We’ll make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date map before you embark on your sports betting voyage.

1. Romo heads to broadcast booth

The biggest domino of the NFL offseason has fallen, and it landed right next to Jim Nantz. Tony Romo announced that he won’t be helping the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos turn into instant Super Bowl contenders. Instead, he’ll retire from the game and help football fans everywhere, by replacing one of the worst color analysts in the game on the main CBS broadcast.

This is pretty much great news for everybody across board, outside of the two teams courting the Cowboys’ all-time leading passer (and Phil Simms). Now, New England has one fewer challenger in the AFC, Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick might get an actual look from Houston, Sunday afternoons will be easier to watch with the volume on, and most importantly, we’ll stop hearing ridiculous Jerry Jones updates on Romo every two days!

As for the betting impact, well it just confirms what we’ve been saying all offseason: Oakland looks like the only team that could potentially knock off the Patriots.

2. NHL officially out of 2018 Olympics

If North American hockey fans were planning on getting up real early to watch their favorite stars go at it in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, good news; now you can sleep in! The NHL announced it won’t be taking a three-week break to allow for players to go to the Olympics next season, halting its participation with the games for the first time since 1994.

However, the league has yet to determine how they’ll handle/punish individual players who want to go, like Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin. Washington owner Ted Leonsis has said he won’t stop his players from going, meaning if a league-wide ban isn’t put in place, a Russian team that should already be favored would get a big boost.

3. MLB Opening Day scoring sluggish

The return of baseball was a welcome sight. Now all we need is the return of offense. Pitchers definitely got the upper hand on Monday, as the UNDER went 7-3-1. It’s understandable that batters’ timing is a little slow coming out of spring training, but considering Madison Bumgarner is tied for the league-lead in homers, the going can’t be that tough. Look for the OVERs to make a rebound this weekend, as offenses get in a groove and game totals adjust.

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