2 Things Bettors Need to Know Today (Sep. 12)

If you are looking for a brief summary of what you need to know today to make informed betting choices, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ll make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date map before you embark on your sports betting voyage.
Here’s what you missed last time. And here are the best online sportsbooks— as adjudged by us — where you can deploy the wisdom I’m about to extol. 

1. Fantasy Football is a cruel mistress

Just a few weeks after you won a lottery or shotgunned Palm Bay in a disgusting race for draft position, this year’s near-consensus #1 pick David Johnson suffered a wrist injury that will have him out for the bulk of the season. The Cardinals’ offense relies on Johnson; you can’t expect Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald to do everything. You might not be able to count on Palmer to do anything.

Betting tip: The Cardinals are favored (-7.5) against the Colts this week, and while I’d usually fade them with Johnson out, Andrew Luck is out too, and the Colts look terrible without him.

2. How does Ohio State make the Playoff, exactly?

I’m trying to figure out a path from here to the Buckeyes making the College Football Playoff, and it’s harder than it looks. Since their loss to Oklahoma this weekend, doing so would likely require winning out against a schedule that includes Penn State and a rivalry game against Michigan, a tall task indeed. Why, then, is Ohio State listed at sportsbooks at +650? That’s the odds you give a favorite, not a team with no margin of error and 11 games left to play. If you’re thinking that the committee will give OSU the benefit of the doubt, remember that rival fans will surround the committee’s headquarters and chant “31-0” in unison if the Buckeyes are selected.

Betting tip: Pick another team. Any other team. Wait, not Ole Miss.

Geoff Johnson

MTS co-founder Geoff Johnson is a lifelong Mets fan, something he can't do anything about. He has a great track record when it comes to wagering on baseball – largely because he's more than willing to bet against the Mets. His career profits are impressive, but not quite as good as his handsome friend Frank Lorenzo. He wishes he hadn't let Frank write his profile.