Khan/Pacquiao Cancelled; Who’s Next For Pacman?

The fight against Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan is officially cancelled. The highly-anticipated fight came about when Pacquiao’s fans voted Khan to be his next opponent. Pacquiao answered their prayers and quickly set up a fight with the Khan camp. He was promised $38 million from a United Arab Emirates investment group and the fight was scheduled for April.

But the investors have suddenly backed out and now the fight is off, leaving Pacquiao searching for his next bout. Who will it be against? Here are my top picks.

Odds Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent will be:

Jeff Horn (16-0): 13/7

Before announcing his fight against Khan, Pacquiao was scheduled to take on Jeff Horn, a little-known Australian boxer. It’s not exactly a fight fans want to see, but for some reason promoter Bob Arum was fixed on making it happen.

The fight has the potential to be the biggest pay-per-view event in Australian history, but it wouldn’t pull in the numbers that Pacquiao is accustomed to making. It’s a strange match-up, but it’s actually looking pretty likely.

Adrien Broner (33-2): 4/1

After the Khan fight fell through, Arum floated the idea of a fight against Adrien Broner, the current WBA super lightweight champion. Broner has also held titles in the lightweight, welterweight, and super featherweight classes, but he’s yet to score a career-defining bout. A fight against Pacquiao is exactly what he needs.

Terence Crawford (30-0): 4/1

Crawford was another name floated by Arum as a potential opponent for Pacquiao. Once boxing’s best kept secret, Crawford has established himself as a future star of the sport. A win against Pacquiao would put him on track to be boxing’s next superstar.

Keith Thurman (28-0): 9/1

Thurman recently edged a win over Danny Garcia to unify the WBA and WBC welterweight division. Pacquiao holds the WBO and lineal welterweight title. A fight between the two would be the ultimate unification bout for the welterweight division.

It’s a fight everyone wants to see, but will be extremely difficult to set up. Thurman is signed with Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and boxes on a rival broadcasting network.

Floyd Mayweather (49-0): 50/1

It took almost five years to set up their first fight, so it’s extremely unlikely that the two boxing greats will agree to a rematch at the drop of a hat. Especially given the snooze-fest that it was, I think it’ll take some very special conditions for a rematch to take place.

Photo credit: inboundpass, CC BY-SA 2.0 [], via Flickr.

Eaton Thatcher

Eaton used to write for MTS predominantly about boxing but also about soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

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