Chocolatito Seeks Redemption vs. Sor Rungvisai

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (+400) vs. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (-560), Draw (+2500)

The World Boxing Council has ordered a rematch between WBC super flyweight champion Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (42-4-1) and Román “Chocolatito” González (46-1), though the time and place still hasn’t been decided.

The two first met on March 18th when Chocolatito put his title and unbeaten record on the line to fight the little-known Sor Rungvisai. At the time, almost nobody believed Sor Rungvisai stood a chance. The bookmakers put him at -2250.

But the pair went the full twelve rounds and Sor Rungvisai was declared the winner by majority decision. It was a controversial and hotly contested outcome to say the least. ESPN’s unofficial scorecard ruled the fight 117-109, heavily in favor of Gonzalez. And the Madison Square Garden crowd seemed to agree, booing the judges’ decision.

Sor Rungvisai adopted some questionable tactics throughout the fight, headbutting Chocolatito on multiple occasions and only receiving a single point deduction over the course of the fight. Gonzalez had his head sliced open from two seemingly accidental headbutts and fought most of the bout with blood pouring down his face.

Sor Rungvisai landed an impressive knock down in the first round but Chocolatito out-punched his Thai counterpart 441 to 284. Perhaps the blood pouring down his face made it seem like Sor Rungvisai had done more damage than he actually did.

Controversy aside, it was one of the most entertaining fights of the year so far. After the fight, Sor Rungvisai agreed to a rematch and there’s really no reason for either fighter to walk away from a second fight.

Sor Rungvisai was lucky to have been awarded the victory, and Gonzalez (and hopefully the referee) will be well aware of his tendency to headbutt. Gonzalez is still one the the best pound-for-pound fighters around and I think it’s likely he’ll reclaim his title.

Pick: Roman Gonzalez (-560)

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Eaton Thatcher

Eaton used to write for MTS predominantly about boxing but also about soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

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