Floyd Mayweather: Is “Money” Finally Done-y at 50-0?

Fifty-and-Oh with nowhere left to go.

Now that Floyd Mayweather has finally surpassed Rocky Marciano’s long-standing record of 49-0, is there anything left for him in the sport of boxing?

The five-division champion announced his retirement — for the third time — after beating Conor McGregor last Saturday (August 26th), and this time there’s a very good chance he means it.

Domestic abuser, defamer, degenerate gambler: as a human being, Mayweather’s record is as tarnished as it gets. But as a boxer, his record remains unblemished. He’s fought some of the greatest fighters of his time — Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya, etcetera — and emerged victorious, and mostly unscathed, after every bout.

This is the right time for him to walk away, but with the monumental payday he lands every time he steps into the ring, will the man they call “Money” be able to resist the lure of another nine-figure check?

Floyd Mayweather: Is “Money” Finally Done-y at 50-0?
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Odds Mayweather ever fights again: 8/1

At 40 years old, stepping back into the ring would be a huge risk for Mayweather. The sport of boxing is notoriously unkind to aging fighters, and a loss would be a harsh stain on his legacy. After all, when he brags about his 50-0 record, the emphasis is really on the “0”. After over two decades in the sport, he’s accomplished everything boxing had to offer.

However, as is always the case with “Money” Mayweather, if the cash is right, then the fight is on. Problem is, there really aren’t too many big-money fights on offer right now.

Odds on next opponent if Mayweather fights again

Conor McGregor: 1/2

Manny Pacquiao: 3/1

Jeff Horn: 50/1

Errol Spence: 100/1

Keith Thurman: 100/1

Terence Crawford: 150/1

CM Punk: 500/1

Realistically, there are only two fighters that could generate enough money to drag Mayweather back into the ring: Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor was stopped in the 10th round by Mayweather, but he exceeded expectations in the earlier rounds. Sure, it may have been Mayweather’s plan all along to tire him out in the opening rounds and pick him apart once he was empty, but McGregor managed to land more punches than the vast majority of Mayweather’s previous opponents. 

After the fight, many speculated that McGregor would put Old Man Mayweather away if granted a rematch. They reason that, with more time to train and work on his boxing-specific cardio — and potentially get some in-ring experience against Paulie Malignaggi — the much younger McGregor could improve by leaps and bounds, while Mayweather would only get older, slower, and weaker. They’re probably horribly misguided, but what’s important is that they’re willing to pay to watch.

Manny Pacquiao is the only other big-money draw available to Mayweather, but the first bout was so bad that fight fans may not be willing to give them a second chance. At least Mayweather-vs-McGregor had some interesting moments.

And then there’s the new crop of fighters — Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford. While all three match-ups would be fights worth watching, it’s just way too much risk and far too little reward for Mayweather to even consider.

Odds Mayweather takes up MMA: 500/1

Nope, not going to happen.

Mayweather agreed to an MMA rematch during the Mayweather-vs-McGregor promotional tour, but everyone involved knew it was all talk. Putting him inside a cage with Conor McGregor would probably be a war crime.

Eaton Thatcher

Eaton used to write for MTS predominantly about boxing but also about soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

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