Canelo v Golovkin 2: Will It Happen? If So, Where?

Alvarez/Golovkin was meant to be the antidote to MayMac. Forget the bravado and the showmanship and the controversy, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are two mild-mannered fighters who just happen to be two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport. While Mayweather/McGregor more spectacle than fight, Alvarez/Golovkin was supposed to be boxing at its purest.

In many ways, the fight was exactly that. It was clean, exhilarating, and exactly what we wanted from the sublime middleweights. But the event wasn’t without controversy. When announcer Michael Buffer revealed the scorecard, he read the cards one by one. The first: 118-110 to Alvarez?!

Now, in many ways, the fight was quite close. But the majority of unofficial scorers (and the vast majority of viewers) gave the fight to Golovkin. It’s unimaginable to think that Golovkin only won two of the twelve rounds. Scoring ten rounds to Canelo is either an act of incompetence or something much more sinister.

The other two cards were far less controversial — 115-113 to Golovkin and a 114-114 Draw. The final decision: a split draw. The result itself isn’t necessarily the issue; scoring the fight six rounds apiece is within the realm of reason.

After the fight, both fighters were quick to agree to a rematch. Alvarez took home a minimum base purse of $5 million and Golovkin a career high of $3 million. After the PPV and gate numbers are accounted for, they’ll walk away with significantly more. A rematch would be an even bigger earner. Will it happen? Golovkin is creeping past his prime and Canelo has ducked Triple-G in the past.

Canelo v Golovkin 2: Will It Happen? If So, Where?
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Canelo vs Golovkin 2 Odds

Odds of a Canelo vs Golovkin rematch in 2018: 7/13

If a rematch is going to happen, it needs to happen soon. Golovkin is already 35 years old and it’s clear that his power and speed are starting to fade. It’s in Canelo’s best interest to wait him out and fight a rematch against an older, depleted Golovkin, and that could well be his plan going forward.

But Canelo was booed out of T-Mobile Arena after being gifted a draw and, if he doesn’t take a rematch soon, he risks doing permanent damage to his reputation. His image already took a beating last year when he vacated his WBC title in order to duck a mandatory challenge from Golovkin.

Odds the rematch takes place in Vegas: 1/1

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has a history of controversy and Golovkin’s camp would be wise to look elsewhere for the rematch. The first fight was organized by Canelo’s promotion, Golden Boy, which selected and paid the judges and set up the entire event. After the scoring debacle, Golden Boy may have to cede some control to Golovkin and his crew.

There are a lot of options available to them — Madison Square,  AT&T Stadium, Boardwalk Hall, etc.

Odds Canelo and/or Golovkin face another opponent for their next fight: 3/1

The pair could also agree to meet after a “tune-up” fight, but there seems to be a tremendous sense of urgency for this rematch. This is a fight for middleweight supremacy and we’re desperate to know who the crown belongs to. If Canelo defeats a 37 or 38-year-old Golovkin, it won’t have the same significance.

Odds Adalaide Byrd judges another title fight by year-end 2018: 5/1

Adalaide Byrd, the judge who scored the fight 110-118 to Canelo, is currently being lampooned by the media, social media, current boxers, and former boxers. Basically, everyone is baffled by the decision and many are demanding some kind of action. NSAC executive director Bob Bennett initially defended Byrd but has now decided to bench the controversial judge due to the growing backlash.

This definitely isn’t her first controversial score, but it is the most prominent. The 118-110 controversy will follow her everywhere she goes and could be her undoing.

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