Rigondeaux, Flores Rematch: Who’s the Better Bet?

Guillermo Rigondeaux (-650) vs Moises Flores (+525), Draw (+3300)

The fight between Guillermo Rigondeaux (18-0, 12 KOs) and Moises Flores (25-1, 17 KOs) was declared a first-round knockout for Rigondeaux, but it looks like the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) will overturn the result to a “no decision.

Rigondeaux caught Flores with a left hook after the bell, knocking him flat on his back. Referee Vic Drakulich was at a loss over how to respond and viewed the replay a couple of times. But without any audio, it was impossible for him to conclude whether the punch was late. Finally, he decided that the punch was legal and ruled the fight a knockout to Rigondeaux.

However, the fight-ending punch was clearly late. And by the next morning, both Vic Drakulich and NSAC executive director Bob Bennett admitted that the ruling was a mistake. The result will now be voted on by four commissioners, and it’s hard to see how they could decide on anything other than a “no decision”.

The mandatory fight was ordered by the WBA, so if the fight is ruled a “no decision” then a rematch is very likely. Rigondeaux will have to put his super bantamweight titles on the line once again.

That won’t have him overly worried, though. We only saw one round, but Flores was clearly out of his depth. Rigondeaux adopted his trademark defensive style, allowing Flores to be the aggressor and relying on the counter-strike. Rigo was unfazed by anything Flores threw at him and the gulf in technical ability between the two fighters was made abundantly clear.

It’s possible that Flores made a meal of the late punch, hitting the canvas in the hopes of a disqualification ruling. It seemed like the only way the Mexican fighter could escape with a win.

Rigondeaux is the undisputed super bantamweight champion, and there currently is no one in the division that poses a threat to him. Winning by decision isn’t a viable option for Flores, so once again he’ll probably start the fight swinging.

After the “no decision” ruling, Flores will go back to being undefeated. But that perfect record won’t be intact after the rematch. Don’t hesitate to take Rigo at short odds. Or rather, don’t bother betting Flores hoping for a windfall. 

Pick: Guillermo Rigondeaux (-650)

Eaton Thatcher

Eaton used to write for MTS predominantly about boxing but also about soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

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