Would George Foreman Beat Down Steven Seagal?

Forget Mayweather vs McGregor, the biggest fight of the year has yet to happen!

Two-time world heavyweight champion George Foreman has called out Under Seige star and Aikido black-belt Steven Seagal for a 10-round fight. Over Twitter, Foreman announced: “I challenge you One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.”

The only problem: Foreman is 68 years old, hasn’t boxed since 1997, and just called out a 65-year-old with no professional fighting experience.

Before you write this one off, remember that Mayweather vs McGregor seemed ridiculous at first (and kind of still does). Seagal has yet to respond to the call out, but it wouldn’t completely surprise me if the washed-up Hollywood star is seriously considering it.

Like with anything starring Steven Seagal, the only way to enjoy this is to suspend your disbelief and just go along for the ride. Here are the odds!

Would George Foreman Beat Down Steven Seagal?
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Foreman vs Seagal Odds

Odds the fight happens before year-end 2018: 50/1

Allowing Mayweather vs McGregor to take place was a controversial decision by the Nevada State Athletic Commission; giving the thumbs-up to Foreman vs Seagal would be an absolute farce. But that has rarely stopped them in the past. If both parties want to go ahead with the fight, then they’ll find a way.

But let’s be serious here. It’s very, very, very unlikely.

Odds to win

George Foreman: 1/25

Steven Seagal: 25/1

At age 68, George Foreman has probably lost most of his power and all of his speed. At 65, Steven Seagal is probably as strong and as quick as he’s ever been. Foreman has stopped Joe Frazier in the ring (twice!), while Seagal has defied the odds whilst under siege (also twice!).

That makes for a pretty even fight, right? Wrong. As with May-Mac, take the guy who’s actually been in a ring before. 

Odds Seagal responds to Foreman via Twitter: 4/1

Steven Seagal is not very active on Twitter. His last tweet was sent in April of this year, and his tweets are strangely normal. Almost nothing controversial, no unhinged rants, no fun. In other words, it’s not very Steven Seagal.

If he responds, he’ll do it in a more spectacular way.

Odds Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump chime in on the fight: 9/1

Seagal is a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin, so much so that he was granted Russian citizenship. He’s also voiced his support for Donald Trump. But it’s unlikely that either world leader has much to say about this. Putin is notoriously tight-lipped and Trump is busy with more important matters, like playing golf and mocking NFL players.

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