Stranger Things Season 4 Betting Predictions

Season four of Stranger Things doesn’t have a concrete release date yet — past mid-2022 as Netflix continuously says. However, that hasn’t stopped top entertainment online sportsbooks from releasing betting odds on what could happen when the hit show returns to the streaming airwaves in a few short months. Based on those odds, this article will cover our favorite Stranger Things season 4 betting predictions for what’s ahead:

Stranger Things Jim Hopper Betting Pick

Alright, this is a fair warning — this entire article is laced with spoilers from the previous three seasons. Stop yourself here if you have been living under a rock the past few years and aren’t caught up on the show. But for everyone else, let’s jump into a betting pick surrounding Jim Hopper, the biggest question mark left from the season three finale. In that episode, it appeared that Hopper died.

Of course, no one really believes the Hopper character is dead. Heck, the actor that plays Hopper, David Harbour, has been open about his eventual Season four return. He’s been quoted as saying, “so we’ll see a very different guy going forward. The same guy but in a different vein.” With Hopper back in the mix, that sets up a dramatic reunion with Eleven, who he cares for in the prior seasons. When exactly that reunion happens is what this next best centers on. Here are the current betting odds on which episode the two are reunited:

Episode 7 or 8-115-115
Episode 9+175+175
Episode 5 or 6+225+225
Episode 3 or 4+300+300
Episode 1 or 2+500+500

Before we make our betting pick, it would pay to know how many episodes the fourth season of Stranger Things will even have. Nine episodes have been confirmed for what’s being called “The Hellfire Club” season, and we know the name of each episode too. Here they are (in order):

  • The Hellfire Club
  • Vecna’s Curse
  • The Monster and the Superhero
  • Dear Billy
  • The Tina Project
  • The Dive
  • The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
  • Papa
  • The Piggyback

We believe oddsmakers are dead-on with making episodes seven and eight the favorite for two reasons. One and the most obvious is to build up the drama. This is scriptwriting 101 — making the audience wait for the “payoff” and there’s no bigger payoff than a revived (?) Hopper reuniting with the gang and Eleven. Episode nine might be too long of a wait, but seven and eight is the sweet spot during the season’s third act.

But reason two, the titles of those episodes seem to hint we’ll get more backstory into why Eleven was created (by the mysterious “Papa” character) and how in the Hawkins lab. We also have a feeling Hopper’s backstory will receive a new wrinkle that somehow ties him to everything in classic TV show scriptwriting. So yes, we’re hammering a bet on episode 7 or 8 being the big Hopper-Eleven reveal.

Episode 7 or 8to be when Jim Hopper and Eleven reunite
Bet now

Stranger Things Eleven Betting Pick

Speaking of Eleven, there’s a simple yes-or-no bet on whether she gets back her telekinesis powers that were lost when she was bitten by the Mind Flayer in season three. As you can see below, the lines are rather lopsided:


Her powers weren’t the only thing taken from Eleven at the end of the third season. As mentioned, Jim (her “dad” in a way) “died” and she also left the town of Hawkins. Therefore, it’s safe to assume a big story arc of season four will be Eleven — first, her struggles without these things and then, claiming them back one-by-one. So we’re betting yes that Eleven will regain her powers on what should be a lay-up Strangers Things bet.

Yes, Eleven will regain powersin Season 4 of Stranger Things
Bet now

Stranger Things Song Betting Pick

Alright, we’ll be upfront and say this Stranger Things song betting pick is an absolute crapshoot in every way imaginable. Which one of these songs (among others) will be played on the show during season four:

The Police - Every Little Thing She does is Magic+100+100
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle+150+150
Katrina and The Waves - Walking on Sunshine+300+300
The Turtles - Happy Together+400+400
David Bowie - Magic Dance+500+500
Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now+650+650
Genesis - Invisible Touch+800+800
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing+900+900
Duran Duran - Hungry like the Wolf+900+900

We know Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer never miss a chance to stroke ‘80s pop culture nostalgia with the show, which takes place during the same era. The problem is, all the betting choices above are during the same time period. So really, you’re throwing darts at the board with this bet based on which ‘80s hit the creators will like most on the day of the week it’s chosen to appear on the show. But hey, we like dart-throwing so we’ll try our luck.

We’re placing two bets — one on “Hungry Like A Wolf” and the other on “Happy Together.” The latter feels perfect for any scenario in which all “the gang” is reunited, which as we said, is happening in season four. As for the first Duran Duran song, welp, it’s just so iconically ‘80s that the creators can shoe-horn it on somehow.

With this bet, since the odds are long most ways (except the top betting favorites), you can place multiple bets and it’ll largely be “no harm, no foul.” This is why we’re advising bets on “Happy Together” (+400) and “Hungry Like the Wolf” (+900). At those prices, only one needs to hit for us to end up profitable.

Hungry Like The Wolf and Happy Togehterto appear in Season 4 of Stranger Things
Bet now

How To Bet On Stranger Things

Yes, you can bet on Stranger Things (and other entertainment movies and shows), but to do so, you’ll need to join an offshore betting site because traditional bookies don’t offer odds on it. At these betting sites, you’ll find bets on Stranger Things nestled right next to sports, politics, and everything in between. To find all these other bets, check out one of the bookmakers below!




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