Miss Universe 2021 Betting Predictions

The annual Miss Universe pageant is back in all its beautiful glory. The event will go down on Sunday, December 12. Ahead of the highly-anticipated event, we’ll be previewing the show, as well as making our Miss Universe 2021 betting predictions!

We know what you’re thinking, “you can be on the Miss Universe?” Folks, if you use the right online sportsbook, you can bet on seemingly anything — regular sports, politics, and yes, entertainment-based shows like Miss Universe. At the moment, Miss Universe’s betting odds aren’t quite up, but we expect that to change the closer December 12 approaches. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the looming pageant:

How Does Miss Universe 2021 Work?

Contestants from more than 80 countries will take the stage at the Miss Universe competition. To receive an event invitation, contestants had to have won their respective country’s national pageant, finished runner-up in other national events, or been selected by a traditional casting process. Participants range from all regions, therefore, the “Miss Universe” moniker is really deserving. For those unfamiliar with the pageant, here’s how Miss Universe works.

The competition begins with interviews which include an evening-gown, swimsuit, or athletic-wear presentation show. Judges will decide who advances to the next stage, which features a walk-the-runaway segment in swimwear or athletic wear. Next up is an evening-gown stage, which whittles the field down to six competitors. A question-and-answer about cultural and social issues follows and three more are eliminated from here. At last, the remaining three women have a “final look” stage, which determines the final placement.

It should be mentioned, there is no talent show segment with Miss Universe. This differs from other pageants you may have heard about such as Miss USA or Miss America. Whether fair or not, Miss Universe is mostly about presentation and interviews.

This will be the second Miss Universe competition in seven months. The 2020 edition was held recently on May 21, 2021 — a late make-up after the pandemic delayed the original showing. Back in May, Andrea Meza of Mexico has crowned Miss Universe. Meza will be on hand to crown her successor this year.

Americans should know Elle Smith will be representing the United States at the show. After winning Miss Kentucky, she went on to win Miss USA 2021 to land this coveted spot. For what it’s worth, the US holds the record for most Miss Universe wins in history with eight separate victories.

How Can I Watch Miss Universe?

As we mentioned before, Miss Universe is on December 12 — so mark your calendars right now! It will be taking place in Eilat, Israel. As usual, Steve Harvey will have hosting duties the night of. He’s been a regular for the last half-decade or so, despite misnaming the winner that one fateful year in 2015…

Anywho, for those that want to watch it in real-time, here’s the full Miss Universe broadcasting details (for those in the United States) you need to know about:

  • What time does Miss Universe start? 8 pm EST sharp
  • What channel is Miss Universe on? FYI network will carry the English broadcast, while Telemundo will have the Spanish one
  • How can I stream Miss Universe? FYI is available on several pay-for-TV streaming packages like fuboTV, Philo, Sling TV, and several more

Miss Universe Betting Pick

In any competition that involves 80-plus different outcomes, you better make more than one Miss Universe betting pick. You have to — if not, you’re essentially throwing darts whilst blindfolded. While betting sites for entertainment shows haven’t put up lines yet, once they do, these countries are earning bets from MTS:

United States

Alright, before you call us “biased” you should know that Miss USA is as close to a top-10 lock as you can get in this pageant. Since 2012, Miss USA has placed in the top-10 every single time but twice (2018 and 2020). Elle Smith should continue that hot streak. Her light black skin and curly blonde hair look are a break from the norm, which should help her stand out in many competitions.

Miss USAto win the 2021 Miss Universe
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The island of the Philippines is known for several things by the masses — exotic beaches, the homeland of Manny Pacquaio, and being constant contenders in beauty pageants. The latter is true, especially in recent memory. The island country won at least one of the Big Four pageant titles every single year from 2013 to 2018. We sense they can return to winning form with a big showing in Israel by its participant, the beauty Beatrice Gomez.

Miss Philippinesto win the 2021 Miss Universe
Bet now

How To Bet On Miss Universe?

Now that you know when Miss Universe is, how to watch it, and who to bet on, all that’s left is for you to “put your money where your mouth is” and lock in a wager. To do exactly that, use one of the betting sites underneath. You’ll be able to bet on Miss Universe at any one of these at respectable bettor-friendly prices, too.

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