Robin, Joker Among Best Bets to be Featured in “The Batman”

Movie fans are expected to return to theaters in big numbers when arguably the most popular superhero returns to the big screen early next year. Robert Pattinson will make his debut in the lead role when “The Batman” is released on March 4, 2022. Pattinson takes over the reins as Batman and billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne in what is expected to be the first chapter of a new trilogy. While early teasers have revealed that the Caped Crusader will lock horns with the Riddler, little else is known about what other adversaries Batman will face in this upcoming reimagining of the Gotham City crime fighters’ early years, written and directed by Matt Reeves. Batman’s youthful sidekick Robin leads the way as the favorite to make an appearance, while Joker closely follows as a second favorite.

MyTopSportsbooks takes a look at all the favorites, and the best bets to make an appearance in DC Films’ latest installment of the Batman saga. Sports bettors getting in on Entertainment betting action for the first time should refer to our entertainment betting guide for tips on how to hone their betting strategies.


Pattinson Aims to be a “Radically Different” Batman

Like the wildly popular Dark Knight trilogy, The Batman is expected to focus on the early years of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the Caped Crusader. Best known for his portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in the wildly popular Twilight Saga film series, Pattinson takes over the role of Batman from veteran actor Ben Affleck. The 35-year-old Englishman has publicly promised that his take on Batman will be “radically different”, echoing the sentiment of director Matt Reeves, who has sought to portray the Caped Crusader in his formative years as a crime fighter.

While that approach should satisfy fans eager to enjoy another Batman origin story, questions remain as to what other familiar characters will be featured in the reboot. What is known is Paul Dano is reportedly set to take on the role of the Riddler, while Fantastic Beasts star Zoe Kravitz will take on the dual role of Selina Kyle and Catwoman. What remains to be determined is what other familiar characters will join them.

Robin Overdue for an Appearance

Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin leads the way as the favorite to make an appearance, perched as a short +300 bet on the Entertainment odds at BetUS. Much more surprising is who sits second to Robin, with supervillain Hugo Strange clocking in as a +400 bet at Bovada.

A loyal companion to Batman and Bruce Wayne since the characters first hit the screen in the 1940s, Robin has been under-represented in recent Batman movies. The character did not appear in the Tim Burton movies Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), or in the four DC Extended Universes films that featured Affleck. While the time may seem right for the return of Bruce Wayne’s youthful ward, the expected inclusion of Selina Kyle and Catwoman in next year’s film likely leaves little room for developing the bromance between Batman and Robin this time around.

Strange Set for Leap from the Small Screen?

Hugo Strange’s climb to near the top of the odds raises some intriguing possibilities. Known for use his skills as a psychiatrist for evil purposes, Strange would likely be portrayed in his familiar role caring for the criminally insane at Arkham Asylum.

The diabolical villain has played a key role in the TV series Gotham, on which he is portrayed by BD Wong. However, the character has not appeared in any recent Batman films, and the lack of familiarity with Strange among casual fans diminish the value of his short odds.

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Joker’s Return Inevitable

Familiarity is certainly not a concern for bettors looking to wager on the return of Joker, who is pegged as a +500 wager at BetUS to make an appearance in The Batman. By far the most popular supervillain in the history of the genre, Joker has established a life of his own beyond Batman in recent years. The Clown Prince of Crime has been a favorite among fans since Cesar Romero portrayed him opposite Adam West in the 1960s Batman TV series. Jack Nicholson breathed new life into the character with his 1989 portray, becoming the first of three actors to garner award nominations for the role.

Of course, who could forget Heath Ledger’s captivating performance in The Dark Knight, which posthumously earned him a bevy of accolades that year at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. The awards kept coming with 2019’s Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix claiming the Oscar and Golden Globe for his dark origin story performance. That track record makes it a slam dunk that Joker will appear at some point in the upcoming trilogy. But it is recent news reports indicating that the character will make a cameo appearance in next year’s film that add enormous value to the odds and make a wager on the Joker a must.

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Bet on Batgirl, Fade Harley Quinn

Among the other intriguing betting options on The Batman odds are Batgirl, who sports +1200 odds at Bovada, and Harley Quinn, who lags as a +2000 bet. Featured late in the 1960s Batman TV series, Batgirl has been largely absent since. However, with the DC Extended Universe set to welcome back the female crime-fighter with a feature film in 2022, she is very much worth a value wager.

Things are a bit more complicated for Harley Quinn. Voiced by former Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, Joker’s criminally insane girlfriend has been a hit as the leading character in the adult-oriented animated TV series “Harley Quinn”. But with Margot Robbie’s critically acclaimed performance proving to be not enough to save the feature films Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey at the box office, the likelihood of Harley Quinn appearing in The Batman are diminished.

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