CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 Pick To Win

We’re in the middle of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. One team has already qualified for the finale, but the other team remains undecided. In this article, we’ll preview that remaining side of the tournament before offering up our very own CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 pick to win.

The undecided part of the tourney is the East bracket, which will be contested on December 11 and 12. Top eSports betting sites have posted lines for all teams in contention, but the following six have the best odds at winning the Eastern Finals:

Qing Jin Club+225+225
Douyu Gaming+240+240
Funplus Phoenix+260+260
DG Esports+1400+1400

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Recap

One million dollars — that’s how big the prize pool is at the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021. Twenty-four of the best teams were invited to battle for the cash prizes. The grand event, organized by game developer Activision, is in its second year. However, the first was canceled due to the pandemic.  Therefore, we’ll have our very first-ever world champion crowned in a matter of weeks.

The tourney is composed of 24 teams from the top four regions — Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. To qualify to this point, each team had to win regional tournaments. The World Finals is made up of two brackets, the East and the West. The latter transpired this past weekend and one team survived.

Tribe Gaming, based out of the United States, swept the competition. It didn’t lose one single game and now Tribe is firmly entrenched into the final, all-deciding round. The West side of the bracket consisted of the European, Latin American, and North American teams only.

The East Finals, which we’ll be covering in this article, will be the all-Asia bracket. This side of the tournament begins December 11 and ends the next day. Akin to the West, the bracket is split into two groups of six teams each. Each group first plays a single round-robin tournament with the top two teams advancing on. From there, the four remaining teams face-off in a double-elimination tournament to decide who will play Tribe in the championship.

Tournament matchups between teams are decided in a best-of-five series. The first and fourth maps are played under Hardpoints rules, while Search & Destroy mode is for the second and fifth maps, and lastly, the third map is contested under Domination. As for the actual maps themselves, it rotates between seven different ones.

CoD Mobile Eastern Finals Recap

Let’s recap who is even in the CoD Mobile World Championship Eastern Finals. As we said beforehand, this bracket is split up into two groups. Here’s who is where:

Group A

  • ALMGHTY (Garena Finals)
  • Blacklist International (Garena Finals)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (Masters China Championship Points)
  • SCARZ (Japan playoffs)
  • Team Vitality (South Asia and the Middle East playoffs)
  • True Rippers Esports (South Asia and the Middle East playoffs)

Group B

  • DG Esports (Garena Finals)
  • Douyu Gaming (Masters China Championship Points)
  • Godlike (South Asia and the Middle East playoffs)
  • Qing Jiu Club (Masters China Championship Points)
  • Revenant Esports (South Asia and the Middle East playoffs)
  • VrilliantOwlX (Japan playoffs)

Almost immediately, Group B appears to be the “Group of Death” — to borrow a term from the FIFA World Cup. That’s because the two betting favorites, per the most-used online sportsbooks, occupy that group, as well as the top-three out of four betting frontrunners. Therefore, expect fireworks when group play begins on Saturday.

CoD Mobile Eastern Finals Betting Pick

To make our CoD Mobile Eastern Finals pick, we’ll go back to the Masters China Championship Points qualifier. Why? Because it was an absolute barn burner that featured Douyu Gaming, Qing Jiu Club, and FunPlus Phoenix — the three teams with the best odds at winning this Eastern Final.

Qing Jin Club won the Masters China in convincing fashion. It went 11-2 in the group stage, which was tied for the best (alongside Douyu). Once in the playoffs, it swept its three games, winning by a 12-2 margin over its opponents. And here’s the real kicker: the opponents that Qing Jin Club beat in those playoffs were FunPlus Phoenix (twice) and Douyu Gaming.

The dominating manner in which Qing Jin Club ran through the Masters China gives us all the confidence they can duplicate that in the Eastern Finals. Go ahead and hammer a bet on them to advance to the finals!

Qing Jin Clubto win the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 East Finals
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