Betting Odds for Latest League of Legends Battles

July is bleeding into August, which means all Esports bettors are officially on notice. The League of Legends is in full swing, and there are key matchups taking place daily just begging for you to wager on. Fortunately for you we have, betting odds for the latest League of Legends battles.

With LoL, it’s important not to get too far ahead of the schedule. So much can change on a weekly basis, and you want to give yourself time to digest the most imminent action and react accordingly. As such, we’ll be focusing on what we deem the most pivotal LoL matchups from July 30 through August 5.

Let’s take a look at the latest League of Legends betting odds, courtesy of MyBookie:

Match DateFavoriteMyBookieMyBookieUnderdog
July 30Edward Gaming-10000+873Victory Five
July 30Team We-416+255Rogue Warriors
July 31Top Esports-1000+444Ultra Prime
July 31Funplus Phoenix-175+121Jd Gaming
August 1Lgd Gaming-166+115Oh My God
August 1Team We-192+131Invictus Gaming
August 2Bilibili Gaming-416+253Ultra Prime
August 3Royal Never Give Up-217+148Team We
August 4Suning-666+352Tt Gaming
August 4Funplus Phoenix-5000+823Victory Five
August 5Ultra Prime-136-104Tt Gaming
August 5Edward Gaming-303+194Lng Esports

Like always, you’ll want to recheck these Esports betting odds prior to committing yourself to any picks. This is specifically true for LoL teams that appear on the docket twice over this time period. MyBookie and other top online sportsbooks will shift their odds should anything unexpected go down.

League of Legends Betting Breakdown

Anyone who’s familiar with esports betting—and LoL matchups in particular—knows that upsets against heavy favorites are relatively rare.

Therefore, we don’t view it as our job to deviate from the norm. We won’t delve too deep into any matchups before making League of Legends picks unless we believe there’s real curveball potential.

July 30 – Edward Gaming (-10000) vs. Victory Five (+873)

Can you remember the last time Edward Gaming blew a matchup in which they were the heavy favorites?

We can’t, either. And they’re basically an all-time favorite here. You know what to do.

MTS Pick: Edward Gaming (-10000)

July 30 – Team We (-416) vs. Rogue Warriors (+255)

Team We is riding a four-match winning streak and has increasingly shown they are stacked at the Mid positions with Shanks, Mole and yimeng.

Conversely, Rogue Warriors are on a three-game losing streak and haven’t quite shown consistency at their Jungle or AD Carry spots.

MTS Pick: Team We (-416)

July 31 – Top Esports (-1000) vs. Ultra Prime (+444)

There’s not much of a need to overthink this one.

Though Top Esports’ player at the Top position, 369, is incredibly young, he has proven to be a quality leader and is among the most active users on the team.

MTS Pick: Top Esports (-1000)

July 31 – Funplus Phoenix (-175) vs. Jd Gaming (+121)

Now, we’re talking. Jd gaming has some real talent on the roster, hence their fringe-underdog status.

And yet, they might be getting overvalued here.

Funplus Phoenix is on a five-matching winning streak and their Jungle position players, Bo and Tian, are putting together their best stretch of the season.

MTS Pick: Funplus Phoenix (-175)

August 1 – Lgd Gaming (-166) vs. Oh My God (+116)

Some might be worried by Oh My God’s sub-37 percent win rate. We’re not.

They are not the most established team, but the roster is improving at the AD Carry and Support spots, and their Top player, username New, is among the most underrated at his slot. We’re rolling with the (slight) upset.

MTS Pick: Oh My God (+116)

August 1 – Team We (-192) vs. Invictus Gaming (+131)

This is a bad pull for Invictus Gaming, which might have the hardest upcoming schedule in the LoL sphere.

Feel free to reassess this if Team We lays an egg in their previous matchup with the Rogue Warriors. Otherwise, though, you should pounce at odds so close to even money.

MTS Pick: Team We (-192)

August 2 – Bilibili Gaming (-416) vs. Ultra Prime (+253)

With Ultra Prime in the thick of a rebuild, we’re kind of surprised they’re not more distinct underdogs. This team is so young, the ages of their primary players aren’t even public knowledge.

That youth should pay off in the long run. Right now, though, they’ve won under 25 percent of their games with this crew and are riding a four-match losing streak.

MTS Pick: Bilibili Gaming (-416)

August 3 – Royal Never Give Up (-217) vs. Team We (+148)

Oddsmakers are clearly banking on the schedule catching up with Team We. This will be their third matchup in a span of five days.

Still, this isn’t something that concerns us. Their first two games are mostly tune-up sparrings, and Royal Never Give Up is currently shaky at the Support and Mid spots.

MTS Pick: Team We (+148)

August 4 – Suning (-666) vs. Tt Gaming (+352)

Ignore the ominous -666 that Suning is laying. They have this in the bag.

Tt Gaming has never had a winning streak longer than two matches and has tallied victories in just 22 percent of its first 32 matches.

MTS Pick: Suning (-666)

August 4 – Funplus Phoenix (-1000) vs. Victory Five (+823)

You only need to know two things about this matchup: Funplus Phoenix is already more than 15 percent of the way to their $1.1 million prize money goal, and Victory Five has, at this writing, lost 14 straight matches.

MTS Pick: Funplus Phoenix (-1000)

August 5 – Ultra Prime (-136) vs. Tt Gaming (-104)

Young roster is getting pitted against young roster in this one. These types of matches are often coin tosses.

Forced to choose, we’re going with Ultra Prime. They have more experience winning games this season, even if only by a hair.

MTS Pick: Ultra Prime (-136)

August 5 – Edward Gaming (-303) vs. Lng Esports (+194)

This matchup is interesting.

Edward Gaming has the higher winning percentage overall this year, but they’re riding a two-match losing streak. Meanwhile, Lng Esports has really picked up their Support play lately and has scrapped together a winning percentage of nearly 60 overall.

As of now, we like the underdog, given their recent play.

MTS Pick: Lng Esports (+194)

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