Best Bet To Win 2021 F1 Saudi Arabian GP

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix marks the second-to-last F1 race of the 2021 season. This season has been marked by a thrilling battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, a battle that’s going down to the wire. At this next event, who is the best bet to win 2021 F1 Saudi Arabian GP? Hamilton or Verstappen? Welp, you’re about to find out!

Let’s start with the current betting odds. Per the best Formula 1 betting sites, Hamilton is a sizeable favorite to win in Saudi Arabia. He hasn’t had a betting line in the -200 range, as it is now, in a long, long time this season.

Lewis Hamilton-225-225
Max Verstappen+250+250
Valtteri Bottas+1400+1400
Sergio Perez+2000+2000
Charles Leclerc+6500+6500
Lando Norris+6500+6500

2021 Saudi Arabian Preview

Let’s begin with a 2021 Saudi Arabian track preview and remind everyone what’s at stake. Verstappen’s lead over Hamilton in the world title standings is down to eight points. Hamilton chipped away at the deficit by winning the previous Qatar Grand Prix in flying colors, finishing 25 seconds ahead of Verstappen in the first-place spot. That sets up a thrilling finish to the season in Saudi Arabian and then Abu Dhabi.

With two more outright wins, Hamilton could overtake Verstappen for the championship. The variable worth mentioning here is the fastest lap point since one will be up for grabs at each event. Verstappen did win the point in Qatar. Here’s a plausible championship-clinching scenario worth remembering: a Verstappen win in Saudi Arabia with the fastest lap would mean Hamilton needs to finish in the top-five to keep his title hopes alive.

As for the Saudi Arabian track itself, it’s a brand-new addition to the circuit, just like Qatar was last time out. But here’s the kicker: the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was custom-made for F1. Welp, it’s safe to say course designers built a behemoth. It’s being billed as the fastest street circuit on the calendar thanks to the high-speed corners (27 turns in total too) and it’s also the second-largest track in terms of length.

Just how fast are we talking about? The average speed is predicted to be around 155 miles per hour, with top speeds climbing to about 200 MPH. The uniqueness of this track won’t be easy to prepare for and that goes for every single team and driver. Oh, and did we mention this race is taking place under the lights? Welp, it is — which should make it a visual stunner!

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2021 Saudi Arabian Betting Pick

Given the natural unknowns of a first-time track, it makes having a 2021 Saudi Arabian betting pick all the more difficult. Regardless there are enough things we do know about the course to make a very educated guess on the race winner. Given how fast Saudi is expected to be, one would assume the advantage would go to Mercedes. That should be obvious to anyone who follows the sport closely.

Heck, don’t just take our own word at MTS for it, take Red Bull chief Christian Horner’s word. He was recently quoted as saying, “I think it’s going to be tight but the next race should favor Mercedes.” Of course, Horner isn’t conceding the race, he’s just stating the obvious.

Not only does Hamilton have the right engine to succeed in Saudi Arabia, he seemingly has ALL the momentum at the moment. He’s won two races in a row in convincing fashion and during the second half of the season, Mercedes has just looked a tad faster than Red Bull. This is why the betting lines have shifted so much in Hamilton’s favor here.

So yes, we’re betting on Hamilton to win, therefore, setting up a winner-take-all scenario in Abu Dhabi. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this — so you should probably lock in your bet before Sunday’s eventful race.

Lewis Hamiltonto win the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
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How To Watch The Saudi Arabian GP

You know what’s at stake, you who to bet on, now you just need to know how to watch the Saudi Arabian GP! See below for the full viewing details if inside the United States:

  • What day is the Saudi Arabian event? Sunday, December 5
  • What time does the Saudi Arabian race start? 12:30 pm EST (a very reasonable start time due to the night race)
  • What channel is the Saudi Arabian race on? ESPN2

If Saudi Arabia feels like a “must watch” event, that’s because it is. Between the all-time battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, plus the brand-new, blazing-fast track, this has all the makings for an instant classic event. After this, the season finale in Abu Dhabi happens on December 12.

How To Bet F1 Saudi Arabian GP

Time is ticking to make money off of the 2021 F1 season. With two more events to go, it’s really now or never for bettors. If you want to bet F1 Saudi Arabian GP, then you need to visit one of the best online sportsbooks for F1 underneath. They’ll have up-to-date odds on all F1 wagers, including the race winner bet and even in-race props!

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