Picks To Win F1 Austrian GP Bets

The Formula 1 season chugs along with the Austrian Grand Prix on July 4th. This article covers the best picks to win F1 Austrian GP bets, whether that’s race winner or the fastest lap — we have you covered right here!

Before we give out our free picks, it would benefit us to know how online bookies are even pegging the race. At the moment, these five drivers have the best odds at winning the Austrian GP:

Max Verstappen-165
Lewis Hamilton+200
Sergio Perez+1100
Valtteri Bottas+1100
Lando Norris+4000

What’s noteworthy is how favored Verstappen is. Up until now in the F1 season, he’s never been a bigger favorite to win than going into the Austrian GP. Is that line warranted? Let us tell you!

Betting Pick To Win Race — Max Verstappen

Spoiler alert: yes, the -165 odds to win for Verstappen is reasonable. In fact, it might even be low given what he did at the most recent Steiermark Grand Prix.

To preface, that Steiermark event took place at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Styria, Australia. What would you know, the same Red Bull Ring will hold the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix, as well.

In case you missed it, let’s recap what unfolded at Styria. Not only did Verstappen win first place, he absolutely dominated the field. He finished more than 35 seconds ahead of the runner-up, Lewis Hamilton. Even his own Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, finished over 47 seconds behind Verstappen.

His latest performance put an exclamation point on a red-hot month. If not for a tyre mishap at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Verstappen could have realistically pulled off four consecutive victories. Of course, that didn’t happen, but still, he’s claimed three first-place finishes in the last four events, beginning with a superb outing in Monaco.

Verstappen is starting to create separation between himself and every other driver in the circuit, and yes, that includes Hamilton. After Steiermark, Hamilton even quipped, “naturally, they (Team Red Bull) are just faster than us.”

Given his first outing at the Red Bull Ring, we think you’d be crazy not to “double down” on Verstappen as a repeat winner. This high-speed circuit is tailor-made for his Red Bull car.

Max Verstappento win the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix
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Betting Pick To Take Fastest Lap — Max Verstappen

As usual, there are more ways to bet on F1 besides just who’s going to win the whole race. A bevy of props are available on other F1 race outcomes such as pole position winner, podium finishes, or even the nationality of the winning driver. However, one of our favorite props is the driver who runs the fastest lap (at any point in the race). Currently, here’s how the betting lines are shaping up for that prop:

Max Verstappen+150
Lewis Hamilton+175
Valtteri Bottas+450
Sergio Perez+500
Lando Norris+2500
Charles Leclerc+2500

You’ll notice Hamilton and Verstappen are more evenly matched here odds wise. That’s because Hamilton actually won the fastest lap at the first race in Red Bull Ring — despite trailing Verstappen the majority of the race.

Up until this point (eight races deep), Hamilton and Verstappen each have three fastest lap victories. The only other driver to take the honor is Valtteri Bottas with two fastest laps of his own. So as the betting lines suggest, it’s a virtual toss-up between the two rivals.

We wouldn’t fault you betting either way, but us, we’re going with Verstappen. There’s nothing we need to say about the Red Bull car that hasn’t been said, but it’s clearly the fastest vehicle in the whole circuit. With that, we rest our case.

Max Verstappento run fastest lap at the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix
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How To Watch The 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

Surely, if you’re American, you have plans for Independence Day. But hey, now you have more plans cause the Austrian GP goes off that morning, too. After all, is there a better way to celebrate independence than making money on a foreign car race? We’re not so sure.

Anyway, you can watch the race on ESPN, the exclusive home for F1 broadcasts stateside. The competition begins at 9 am EST and should wrap up in a few short hours so you can get on with your other Fourth of July plans.

Looks like you’re all caught up with Formula 1 and the looming Austrian Grand Prix. Ready to stake a bet on the outcome(s)? Whether you’re riding our picks or fading them, you can lock in your wagers at one of the bookmakers listed below. Any one of them will have the latest F1 odds, whether it’s this race or another on the calendar.

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