Betting Predictions For 2022 F1 Season

The 2021 F1 season featuring a see-saw battle between Lewis Hamilton and eventual champion Max Verstappen was one for the ages, which sets-up a highly-anticipated 2022 campaign. Here’s your complete guide to betting the looming season, including current odds and our very own predictions for 2022 F1 season.

The most-used F1 betting sites have had lines posted since the previous one ended in a controversial fashion as Verstappen overtook Hamilton on the final lap of the final race to become world champion. Many feel Hamilton was robbed and if the current odds to win are any indication, bookies seem to as well because Hamilton is the favorite:

Lewis Hamilton+125+125
Max Verstappen+185+185
George Russell+550+550
Charles Leclerc+1200+1200
Carlos Sainz+2500+2500
Lando Norris+2500+2500
Sergio Perez+3300+3300

2022 F1 Season Preview

First things first, the F1 season starts on March 20 with the usual Bahrain Grand Prix. It’s the first of 23 races this season — an F1 record for most in a single season. Of course, the threat of COVID looms so the schedule could change, but the season runs until November 20 with the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. But when previewing the 2022 F1 season, you have to begin with the car changes, which will be no small thing.

No, in fact, the 2022 cars will look and perform unlike any we’ve ever seen in this sport. For one, cars will now feature 18-inch wheels — not the traditional 13 inches. 2022 cars will also feature underfloor tunnels, which supports ground effect more. There’s are also redesigned front and rear wings. And last but not least, the car chassis has been redone for safety purposes.

Until we see actual races, it’s tough to say how exactly the car updates will affect racing. We know the cars will be heavier (due to the 18 wheels and chassis) for sure, but safer in the same respect. Plus, we know the intent of F1 when making these changes was to create more parity in the sport by allowing cars to follow each other far more closely. We’ll see what happens, but as a bettor, you’d be smart to assume things won’t be like before and adapt your approach in real-time based on live results.

F1 2022 Driver’s World Championship Pick

If F1’s updates to the 2022 cars do as they intend, then the 2022 title race could realistically be more competitive than 2021. Maybe not a one-lap, winner-take-all ending again, but multiple drivers in the title picture rather than just two. So that’s something to keep in mind when making a 2022 driver’s championship pick — the competitors AFTER Hamilton and Verstappen have a real shot this year.

Given how radically-different cars will be in 2022, it would be wise to bank on drivers that are experienced. Why? Because adaption will be the key to 2022 success — for drivers and bettors alike. Everyone, and we mean everyone, will be figuring things out as they go. For an experienced driver, that’s less chaotic since they’ve “been there, done that” in a way a newer driver hasn’t.

And who’s the most experienced driver in the field right now? Hamilton, of course, as a seven-time world champion. Entering Year 15, this man has seen F1 implement similar, radical changes to the sport over the years. And year in, year out, he’s won at the highest level. We expect the same this season, especially given how 2021 ended for him. Hamilton hasn’t raced with a “chip on a shoulder” in a long time and he definitely has it now, which is a scary thought. We’re backing him with a bet right now given what we currently know (but like we said, we’ll adapt in-season if needed based on the new car).

Lewis Hamiltonto win the 2022 F1 Drivers World Championship
Bet now

F1 2022 Constructor’s World Championship Pick

Red Bull+250+250
Aston Martin+6600+6600

To no one’s surprise, Mercedes is pegged by the top-tier online sportsbooks as the odds-on favorite to win the 2022 Constructor’s championship yet again. After all, they’ve won the title a record eight times in a row, what’s one more, right?

Though, there’s a new face on the team. Racing alongside Hamilton this upcoming season will be George Russell. The 23-year-old replaces Valtteri Bottas, making Mercedes an all-Brit team in the process. Russell has been a Mercedes’ protege since his signing in 2017. He guest-raced for the team once in 2020, almost winning the Bahrain Grand Prix while Hamilton was ill (a late pit stop miscue cost Russell the victory).

It’s really tough to predict just how Russell will fare in Bottas old spot. Mercedes, like usual, should have a top-notch car. But here’s our biggest worry: while Russell’s one-time appearance was impressive, it’s far from a guarantee that he can sustain that level of success over a 23-race season, one that’ll surely be pressure-filled with Hamilton on his redemption tours and a more-even racing field due to the car modifications.

That’s why we’re going to do the unthinkable and bet against Mercedes despite their record success. Yes, call us crazy, but we like the stability of Red Bull going into this year. At least with Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez, you know what you’re getting — and we like their odds to finally end Mercedes dominance as they adjust to an inexperienced driver in Russell.

Red Bullto win 2022 Constructors Championship
Bet now

How To Bet On F1?

We can’t wait for the betting opportunities ahead in 2022 (all 23 of them) and if you’ve read this far, you’re likely of the same mentality. To bet on any and every F1 race this year, check out one of the bookmakers below. They’ll have everything you need to cash out big one in 2022 — a huge sportsbook menu, great prices, and best of all, sign-up bonuses for free play. The table underneath has up-to-date sportsbook reviews and details on current bonuses being offered.




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