Updated Formula 1 Drivers World Championship Pick

We are now six races into the Formula 1 season with the French Grand Prix only days away. Seventeen races remain on the calendar so therefore, we’re about a quarter into the season. Is it time to update your Formula 1 Drivers World Championship pick? We think so.

We’ll get to that in one minute, but first, let’s see where the odds currently stand. As of mid-June, here’s how online bookies are pegging the championship chase:

Lewis Hamilton-155-155
Max Verstappen+100+100
Sergio Perez+6600+6600
Valtteri Bottas+15000+15000
Charles Leclerc+20000+20000

The five names above have the best odds at winning the whole thing. But c’mon, let’s be real, this is a two-driver race between Hamilton and Verstappen. At this very moment, whose the better betting choice? Let’s dig into it:

Betting Lewis Hamilton: Making The Case

This argument is easy to make, isn’t it? Hamilton has only won this very title six of the past seven years. He has seven all-time championships (his first coming in 2008), which puts him in a dead tie with Michael Schumacher for most all-time in the sport. Obviously, the 36-year-old is motivated to win again and cement himself as the sport’s G.O.A.T.

Early into the F1 season, Hamilton was in usual form. He had three outright victories — Bahrain GP, Portuguese GP, and Spanish GP — in the opening four events.  However, the wheels have seemingly fallen off the past two competitions. At the famed Monaco course, Hamilton finished seventh then sunk all the way down to 15th at the most recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix (for what it’s worth, that was still three spots better than Verstappen). With those two underwhelming performances, Hamilton is currently four points behind Verstappen atop the driver standings.

But perhaps the most telling of all, Hamilton has repeatedly said he faces an uphill battle in winning the championship once again. Most recently after the Monaco result, he was quoted as saying, “it’s going to be tough, they have a championship-winning car and they will be very hard to beat.” Of course, the “they” Hamilton is referring to is Team Red Bull, led by none other than Verstappen.

Betting Max Verstappen: Making The Case

So let’s talk about this new-and-improved Red Bull car. It’s been the talk of the entire season — and for good reason. By most measures, there’s not a quicker car in the F1 circuit than the RB16B. The floor of the car was overhauled during the offseason, which has improved its aerodynamics greatly. Not only that, but rival teams (cough Mercedes cough) have also pointed out the RB16B has, perhaps, an unfair advantage in the rear wing.

Look, we’re not here to argue whether the “bendiness” of the wing is fair or not, that’s for F1 officials to decide. But at the end of the day, the RB16B obviously passed all tests so the car isn’t going away in 2021. Having the best car in the entire field is no small advantage for the 23-year-old Verstappen — in fact, it’s probably the ultimate difference-maker.

2021 Drivers Championship Betting Pick

If you’ve read this far, you probably know what direction we’re going. Yep, we’re picking Verstappen to end Hamilton’s dominant reign, for one year at least (all bets are off in 2022 if Merces overhauls its car).

Not only has Verstappen taken his racing to the “next level” due to the improved RB16B, but also because of new teammate Sergio Perez, who took first place at the Azerbaijan GP. Red Bull strategically brought Perez in to push the pace for Verstappen and the offseason move sure is paying dividends right about now.

Of course, there’s always the talk of “inexperience” with Verstappen. He certainly lacks it compared to a veteran like Hamilton. Could that lack of experience derail him in pressure-cooker moments down the line? Eh, we’re not convinced. The great equalizer in the 2021 World Championship race will be the RB12B, not experience, and cause of that, our money feels safe alongside Verstappen.

Max Verstappento win the 2021 F1 World Championship
Bet now

Is It Worth Betting Anyone Besides Hamilton or Verstappen To Win?

No, it’s not. The only scenario where neither Hamilton or Verstappen raise the drivers title is if they both get injured or nothing short of a small miracle unfolds elsewhere. It’s as simple as that — so save your money instead!

Of course, things change fast in F1 — pun fully intended — and that includes futures betting lines. By the time you read this, the odds we mentioned before might be dated based on the latest racing results. If you want current Formula 1 betting odds, visit one of the betting sites listed underneath.

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