F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Betting Picks

If it feels like the events of the most recent British Grand Prix have “reignited” the Formula 1 season, then you’re feeling is correct. The rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has reached overdrive levels, which makes the next race all the more exciting. Bettors that are split on what to do, we have F1 Hungarian Grand Prix betting picks just for you throughout this article.

That highly anticipated race is this Sunday. Online sportsbooks have released betting odds for a slew of different event outcomes. Below are the current lines for which driver will take home first place come Sunday:

Max Verstappen-120-115
Lewis Hamilton+135+155
Valterri Bottas+1400+1600
Sergio Perez+1400+1400
Lando Norris+3300+4000

No surprise here, the bookies’ eyes are all on the “big two.” With Hamilton’s win at the British GP, plus Verstappen’s DNF due to a rear-end collision from Hamilton, the difference between the two atop the season leaderboard is eight points. Verstappen still clings to the lead, but momentum feels to be on Hamilton’s side now. So what gives? We’ll tell you!

Betting Pick To Win The 2021 Hungarian GP

We’re actually a little surprised Verstappen is the betting favorite. Sure, take out that crash at Silverstone, and he’s realistically dominated the entire F1 field, including Hamilton, since the Monaco Grand Prix in late May. But you see, there are hidden consequences to Verstappen’s wreck at Silverstone. Consequences that we believe will negatively affect him in Hungary.

Thankfully, Verstappen wasn’t seriously injured in the crash. But can we say the same thing about his Red Bull car? We have some serious reservations. Both the chassis and engine suffered obvious damage. Damage that cost close to $2 million to repair, according to early reports. That’s not a small chunk of change, especially not in the budget cap era which limits teams on their total spend for developing and operating their car.

The good news is the Hungarian Grand Prix is the final race before the four-week holiday in the F1 season. During that time, both Red Bull and Verstappen will have ample opportunity to return themselves and the car to tip-top shape. The bad news is they’ll likely still be licking their wounds in Budapest from the crash sustained two weeks before that.

The biggest beneficiary of that? Of course, Hamilton. We’re giving him the win over a wounded Verstappen. Getting Hamilton at plus-money odds only makes this bet all the more worthwhile too!

Lewis Hamiltonto win the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix
Bet now

Prop Betting Pick At The 2021 Hungarian GP

In the world of F1, prop bets are fast and furious. You can wager on pole positions, winning car manufacturer, fastest lap, and a host of other in-race outcomes. For the Hungarian GP, we’re liking what we see in the winning margin prop. With this one, it doesn’t matter who wins, only by how much in seconds. Current odds are as follows:

Under 4 seconds+300
4 to 8 seconds+275
Over 8 seconds-150

While we think Hamilton takes first place, we don’t think he’ll win with ease. That’s why our betting choice is between the four and eight-second mark. Not a photo finish by any means, but close enough to make things interesting.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Verstappen earns second place. Yes, we said before he and his car aren’t 100 percent, but let’s say they’re around the 80 percent mark. For a driver as talented as Verstappen, that’s more than enough to tail closely behind Hamilton.

Plus, who’s to say Hamilton won’t get dinged seconds off his time again for causing another crash? This course, after all, is notorious for crashes after the first corner. Maybe Hamilton has another trick up his sleeve…

4 to 8 secondsis the winning margin at the Hungarian Grand Prix
Bet now

How To Watch The 2021 Hungarian GP

Dare we say this Sunday’s race in Budapest is “must watch” TV? We think so. The fallout of Silverstone is too juicy and no one has any idea how both Hamilton and Verstappen will respond to the controversial events.

So set your calendars for 9 am EST when this race goes off. As always in the United States, ESPN will exclusively air the race live at that time. The days before, such as practice and qualifying stages, will also be broadcast on ESPN-affiliated channels. Just make sure you have your popcorn ready!

Alright, that’s all we have for the Hungarian GP. If you want more F1 betting odds for the big race or any ones after that, then head over to one of the online sportsbooks listed underneath. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better gambling prices on F1 than what’s offered at the listed bookmakers.

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