F1 Futures: Best Bet To Win Constructors’ Championship

Every single Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship since 2010 has been won by either Mercedes (seven in a row and counting) or Red Bull (four straight from 2010 to 2013). In this nail-biting season, which team is the best bet to win Constructors’ Championship? We’re about to tell you!

The two teams are neck-and-neck in the standings AND betting odds. After the eventful British Grand Prix (more on this shortly), Red Bull is currently ahead of Mercedes 289-285 in the standings. However, online oddsmakers do have more separation between the two when it comes to F1 futures:

Racing TeamBetOnlineBetUS
Red Bull-200-200

We won’t even waste your time talking about other teams like Ferrari or Aston Martin. With this bet, you have to pick between one of the front-runners, it’s either Red Bull or Mercedes. A bet on both, at these betting odds, would end up with you in the red. With that in mind, here’s who we’re backing and why:

British Grand Prix Fall Out

It was only a week ago that Mercedes, led by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, were licking their wounds. Coming out of the Austria Grand Prix earlier this month, Mercedes was 42 points behind Red Bull in the standings.

And then all hell broke loose at the British GP this past Sunday.

You know what happened: Hamilton, back in his “home” track, crashed into Max Verstappen of Red Bull in the opening lap of the race. Some believe Hamilton clipped Verstappen purposely, some say “that’s just racing.” Whatever your opinion, the result was a hospital visit for Verstappen after crashing into the barriers and not finishing the event. Hamilton, meanwhile, overcame the 10-second penalty for the collision to win both the race and the fastest lap.

Hamilton earned 26 points for his British GP efforts. Teammate Bottas also finished in third, claiming 16 points in his own right. After all that, Mercedes has made it a season once against arch-nemesis Red Bull, which was almost running away with the title.

The British GP is a reminder of how fast things can change in motorsports. After all that chaos, thirteen races remain on the F1 calendar with 10 already in the books. This sets up a quintessential see-saw affair the rest of the season between the two teams, but we’re confident one has the upper hand.

Betting Pick To Make — Red Bull

Dare we say the events that unfolded at the Silverstone Circuit will actually fuel Red Bull the rest of the way? It sort of feels that way to us.

You see, things were getting too easy for Verstappen. If not for a crash while leading at Azerbaijan, the 23-year-old could’ve realistically won five races in a row right before the British GP. Instead, he settled for four victories, but it’s how he won those races that impressed us. In the back-to-back events in Austria, he racked up wins by 35 seconds and 17 seconds apiece.

The only thing holding back Verstappen are crashes — not opponents in the field and that includes Hamilton. It felt like he’s been in a class of his own this season and that doesn’t change after one “freak” accident at Silverstone.

Red Bull still has the fastest car in the whole circuit. We don’t need to tell you that because Hamilton himself has admitted it time and time again in 2021. And Red Bull is still upgrading the car, unlike Mercedes which has repeatedly said its focus is on improving the 2022 model first and foremost. That alone is a good enough reason to back Red Bull, who is effectively going “all in” in 2021, its final season alongside Honda.

That blazing-fast Red Bull car not only helps Verstappen keep ahead of Hamilton, but also Sergio Perez against Bottas. Let’s not forget about those two either, who are neck and neck themselves in fourth and fifth place (Lando Norris is in third). But here’s the difference-maker: Perez is the only driver not named Verstappen or Hamilton to win a race this season. We wouldn’t be surprised to see another Perez win in 2021, which would only add distance between Red Bull and Mercedes.

So in summary, we’re sticking with Red Bull. Don’t let recency bias creep into you, they’re still a cut above the other F1 teams. Hamilton caught a break with one crash, but he can’t keep relying on that to beat out the superior Verstappen.

Team Red Bullto win the 2021 F1 Constructors' Championship
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