Betting Pick To Win 2021 F1 Drivers’ and Constructor’s Championship

Time is running out to drop a futures wager on F1 — it’s really now or never because only five races remain in the season. Don’t worry, though, we’ll give you our betting pick to win 2021 F1 Drivers’ and Constructor’ championship — but with a twist!

You see, the best betting value right now isn’t on individual bets for each respective title. The current odds for those two just aren’t favorable since it’s starting to get lopsided — Max Verstappen is around -225 to win the drivers’ title and worse, Mercedes is about -300 to win the constructor’s. No, the best value remaining is actually a combo bet that picks the winners for both titles together!

A few online sportsbooks have put up odds for this special futures bet. Only four betting options exist and all four are listed underneath:

Hamilton / Mercedes+260+260
Verstappen / Red Bull+375+375
Hamilton / Red Bull+850+850

To accurately pick a winner in the above bet, we need to break down each title race individually. We’ll start our free betting advice there, before circling back and telling you how exactly to bet the 2021 F1 futures:

F1 2021 Drivers’ Championship Predictions

After a razor-thin win (less than two seconds) at the most recent United States Grand Prix, Verstappen has a “healthy” lead on Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen is up 12 points in the standings and Hamilton is running out of time to surpass his new rival. The last races left are in Mexico, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi.

Speaking of that, evaluating the remaining schedule feels like the best way to predict who wins the world championship and who doesn’t. We mean, at this point, it’s obvious Hamilton and Verstappen are almost equals on the track. Both have the best, fastest cars. Both have exchanged the lead atop the standings all year long. Both are as motivated as ever to win, Verstappen to claim his first-ever title and Hamilton to set the all-time record for championships.

Both the Qatar and Saudi Arabian Grand Prixs are complete — and we mean complete — wildcards. That’s because both events are brand-new to the rotation so it’s anyone’s guess which driver has the competitive advantage. That leaves us with Mexico, Brazil, and Qatar.

The upcoming Mexican Grand Prix appears to be an advantage for Verstappen and Red Bull because its car is tailor-made to excel in the high altitude of Mexico City — and it has in the past with two separate Verstappen wins in the last three years. Brazil swings slightly in Mercedes and Hamilton’s way, as they’ve won four of the previous six events here. Though one of those non-wins was Verstappen so again, the advantage is really small there. The final race in Abu Dhabi has also been a Mercedes stranglehold with six wins in the previous seven here. Perhaps not surprisingly, Verstappen ended that dominance a year ago with an outright win there.

We’re of the belief that Verstappen holds off Hamilton to win the drivers’ championship. A Verstappen win in Mexico — which we’ve already predicted is likely to happen — would extend his lead to at least 18 points and have him sitting pretty with four races to go. It would take a big disaster for Verstappen to relinquish an 18-point advantage, hence why we’re sticking with him to hold off Hamilton.

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F1 2021 Constructor’s Championship Predictions

There’s a bigger cushion in the constructor’s standing than the driver’s. Here, Mercedes is clinging to a 460.5 to 437.5 lead over Red Bull despite Verstappen outpacing Hamilton. Of course, that’s because of the No. 2 drivers for each team.

Valtteri Botas of Mercedes has consistently outdone Red Bull’s Sergio Perez in 2021. While both drivers have one win apiece, the difference can be seen in podium placements. Bottas is up to nine on the season — all this despite being on the way out of Mercedes at the conclusion of the season. Perez, in year one with Red Bull, has only finished top-three on four occasions this year.

We honestly don’t see things changing the rest of the way. Bottas should continue to outdo Perez (he has 35 more points than him thus far), which will be the difference-maker in the constructor’s championship, more so than Verstappen-Hamilton’s battle atop. We expect Mercedes to win its eighth-straight world title.

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MyTopSportsbooks F1 Free Betting Pick

You can probably put two and two together by now, but in case you can’t, our best bet to make is the combo of Verstappen and Mercedes. At +100, this dual bet is far, far more valuable than doing separate bets. Here’s the math on that:

For example, to make $200 on it, you simply need to drop $200 on the combo bet. But if you were to go the individual route, you’d need to bet $225 on Verstappen plus another $300 on Mercedes to get the same $200 payout. So with this combo bet, you risk $325 less to get the same exact reward as two separate bets — which is no small difference!

Verstappen/Mercedesto win 2021 F1 Championships
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How To Bet Formula 1 Online

If you want more F1 betting odds, then you’ll find them at one of the betting sites listed underneath. These bookmakers have you covered for betting on the last five F1 races of the year. After each race, odds will change based on the results, but you’ll always get up-to-date lines on these sites. Get on these great F1 bets before the season wraps up in a few weeks, c’mon!



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