F1 Styrian GP Betting Picks

The Formula 1 season forges ahead with the Styrian Grand Prix this Sunday. This is your complete primer to betting on the race, plus our very own F1 Styrian GP betting picks to make!

We’ll get to that shortly, but let’s begin with the latest F1 odds. Online sportsbooks have a slew of betting lines available for the race — from who will win it to who will run the fastest lap to everything in between. Let’s start with the outright winner. As of right now, these five drivers are most favored to come out victorious in Austria:

Lewis Hamilton+125+125
Max Verstappen+125+125
Sergio Perez+800+800
Valtteri Bottas+800+800
Lando Norris+4000+4000

Anyone who follows F1 even remotely won’t be surprised by the above odds. The sport seems to revolve around the ongoing war between Mercedes (Hamilton and Bottas) and Red Bull (Verstappen and Perez), and Styrian will be no different.

F1 Styrian Betting: Race Winner

Welp, you know where this is going — it’s either Hamilton or Verstappen. The two have won six of the seven F1 races thus far (the other winner was Perez). Both are miles ahead in the driver’s standings, too. Verstappen currently tops with 131 points, while Hamilton is on his tail with 119. Since both are +125 to win at Styrian, it really only makes sense betting one or the other. You’d end up in the red if you bet both ways.

Honestly, as it will be all season long, this is an utter toss-up. On one hand, Hamilton won the event in 2020 — the first-ever race at Styrian. It was expected to be a one-off event, but F1 returned in 2021 nonetheless. In that same race, Verstappen finished third and 33 seconds behind Hamilton.

But 2020 was then and 2021 is a whole other race. As we’ve seen thus far, Verstappen is an entirely new breed this time around. Thanks to a new-and-improved Red Bull car, Verstappen is level with Hamilton with three wins apiece. At the French Grand Prix, Verstappen edged Hamilton ever-slightly to take the race.

Personally, we think Verstappen is the man to beat here. That Red Bull car is a serious game-changer and will be until the end of the season. We won’t fault you if you pick Hamilton to win, but personally, we’re riding the momentum that Verstappen is carrying into this competition.

Max Verstappento win the 2021 Styrian GP
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F1 Styrian Betting: Fastest Lap

Like we said before, bookies have no shortage of Styrian bets available, most of which beyond who wins. One of our favorites is which driver will run the fastest single lap during the race. Here are the betting lines:

Lewis Hamilton+135+135
Max Verstappen+185+185
Valtteri Bottas+450+450
Sergio Perez+500+500
Lando Norris+2500+2500

Again, Hamilton and Verstappen are the usual favorites, but Bottas shouldn’t be overlooked either. All fastest laps during the past seven races have been won by the trio — Verstappen (three), Hamilton (two), and Bottas (two).

We’re already on record saying the Red Bull car is the best in the entire circuit. So as you can imagine, we’re also backing Verstappen here. He’s won the fastest lap each of the past two races and we think a three-peat is very likely.

However, we do like the betting value that Bottas provides. At +450, you’re getting a lot of “bang for your buck” for a two-time fastest lap winner this season. We think he’s worth a smaller flier bet in case he can stun the two favorites, which isn’t out of the question.

Max Verstappento win the 2021 Styrian GP
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How To Watch The Styrian Grand Prix

Per the norm, ESPN is Formula 1’s exclusive home for TV broadcasts within the United States. They’ll provide coverage all weekend long. Here is what’s on tap (all times EST):

  • Friday, June 25 — Practice 1 starts at 5:25 am (ESPN2) followed by Practice 2 at 8:55 am (ESPNU)
  • Saturday, June 26 — Practice 3 begins at 5:55 am (ESPN2) then qualifying at 8:55 am (ESPN2)
  • Sunday, June 27 — Styrian Grand Prix kicks off at 8:55 am (ESPN)

Looks like you have everything you need to know ahead of the Styrian GP. All that’s remaining is for you to lock in a bet (or two) to heighten the driving action. If you need a trusty and reliable sportsbook to do so, then take a gander at the table below.

Any one of these bookmakers will have up-to-the-minute F1 betting lines. That goes for the Styrian GP or any other in the 2021 calendar. Lines not only cover individual races but also futures like which driver or team will win the championship by the season’s end.

But beyond prices on anything and everything F1, these same bookies also offer killer — and we mean killer — sign-up bonuses for first-time gamblers. Let’s reference the table again. See that dollar amount right next to the green “play now” button? That’s the max figure a player can earn on a sign-up bonus. So we’re talking up to $1000 in free play here!

To earn the bonus, just click one of the links below. You’ll be taken to the betting site where you can create an account within minutes. Afterward, just fund your account and the bonus is all yours. That’s it! Now isn’t that a walk in the park? Sure is!



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