Sunday Night NFL Betting – Ravens vs Steelers

The Ravens lead the division with 7 wins and two losses, but they need to take advantage of Ben Roethlisberger’s absent and clinch the zone.

Big Ben has a rib injury that doesn’t allow him to perform against their division rivals. “I can move (the arm) around, that’s not the issue,” he said. “Sometimes when I do move it the rib will kind of pop out of place again, which is pretty painful. I just try to keep it as still as I can for the most part.”

Byron Leftwich will be the go to guy on Sunday night. “I try to prepare as if I am the starter every week,” Leftwich said. “Nothing will change. I wish Ben the best. I hope he is healthy. Other than that I will be ready to go.”

The Ravens beat the Raiders last week with a 55-20 final score. “I think confidence is borne of success,” coach John Harbaugh said. “When you do things well, it’s a positive thing. It doesn’t guarantee anything, just like if you’re struggling the week before it doesn’t guarantee that you can’t do something. Every week does stand on its own, but playing well is a good thing. We’d like to build on that”.

Baltimore swept the series last season, but somehow the in game stats say the Steelers have played better recently.

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