Back Vicherek to beat Biolek when they meet in Czech Pro League

Thursday sees more non-stop action from the Czech Pro League with some of the world’s top table tennis stars battling it out on the never ending roster of matches. Even with Easter on the horizon, the Czech league shows no signs of slowing down. And with another packed day upon us, we’ve scoured the markets to bring you some of the day’s best free Table Tennis betting picks.

  • The Czech Pro Liga takes place on a daily basis with games played continually throughout the day and into the night
  • The format usually sees three or four players grouped together, with all players playing each other at least once
  • Today we are focussing on the matches involving the trio of Martin Biolek, Petr Vicherek, and Ondrej Paril

The most popular bets on Table Tennis are the moneyline, handicap spread, and the total games market. The best online sportsbooks listed on this website will all cover table tennis and should offer all of these markets.

The moneyline is simply a bet on who wins the match. While on the handicap spread, the bookmaker will give one team an advantage over the other. The size of the advantage handed out by the bookie will depend on the perceived gap in quality between the two sides.

The final market usually offered is the total games spread. This is the total amount of games the bookmaker thinks will take place across the match. The bookie will set a figure, and we simply have to decide whether to bet on over or under. In short, it’s basically the same three markets you will find on most popular American sports.

Below we’ve put together an odds table for the matches we’re looking at today. You might want to also check best sports betting apps page for betting on Table Tennis.

Czech Liga Pro Fixtures For 4-6-2023BetOnline ReviewBetOnline Review
Martin Biolek-275+200Ondrej Paril
Petr Vicherek-300+225Ondrej Paril
Petr Vicherek-115-115Martin Biolek

Martin Biolek -225 vs Ondrej Paril +200

Now, onto our latest free sports betting picks. Martin Biolek comes into the match in good form. Last Sunday, he won four from four, and in his last seven, he has won five.

Boilek did suffer a dip in form prior to his latest run though. In late March, he did suffer a clean sweep of defeats on the same day. Two of those were against Petr Vicherek, which we come to later.

As for Ondrej Paril, if the bookmakers’ odds are anything to go by, he is set to struggle today. Paril lost his two matches on Monday, and he also struggled on his previous appearance in the Czech Pro Liga at the end of March, losing two from four.

Biolek is a touch short, but he can be the only pick to win this match.

Martin BiolekTo beat Ondrej Paril
Bet now

Petr Vicherek -300 vs Ondrej Paril +225

At the back end of 2022, Vicherek held a comprehensive edge over his Czech Pro Liga rival. Of the eight games they played in the closing months of the year. Vicherek was victorious in six of those matches.

Nothing seems to have changed since then, and the pair met again on Monday, with Vicherek running out a pretty easy 3-1 winner. Paril took the opening set 11-4. But after that it was all one way traffic, with Vicherek winning the next three, 11-9,11-9, and 11-6.

Vicherek also won all three of his matches on Monday. Paril only played twice, losing both. At the moment, Vicherek is the more in form of the two players though. And we can only pick him to win again.

Petr VicherekTo beat Ondrej Paril
Bet now

Petr Vicherek -115 vs Martin Biolek -115

This is the big one. Petr Vicherek has the edge over Martin Biolek of late. But it’s still close to a 50/50 call as to who wins this one.

In their two most recent meetings on March 27th, Vicherek won them both. He took the opening match 3-2, and the second match 3-1.

The opening match probably had a bearing on the second one. In the first match, Martin Biolek raced into a two sets to nil lead. He took the opening set 11-3, and the second 11-8. Vicherek then staged a magnificent fightback, winning the third 11-6, and the fourth 11-9.

The fifth and deciding set was one of those that could have gone either way. The match went into additional points, with Vicherek eventually winning it 12-10. The loss must have been crushing for Biolek, and when the two players met later on that day, the match was far less competitive.

Vicherek took the opening set 11-3. He then followed that up with an 11-6 win in the second, before Biolek took the third set 11-7. There was then no repeat of the drama from earlier in the day with Vicherek easily taking the fourth set 11-4, and with it the match.

As we’ve already seen, Martin Biolek comes into this match in good form. But so does Vicherek, and we still don’t know if Biolek has got the two recent defeats to his rival out of his system.

Biolek does have the beating of Vicherek, there is little doubt about that. But we can only go with the evidence of their recent meetings. And although Biolek will no doubt have his revenge soon enough, we still have to go with the head-to-head form and pick Vicherek to win. Bet with caution though!

Petr VicherekTo beat Martin Biolek
Bet now
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