2022 World Women’s Curling Championship Betting Guide

Curling is having a “moment” right now. First, it was a high point in the 2022 Olympics and now, it’ll be on full display again in the 2022 World Championship — women only, not men. The tourney is being held in Prince George, Canada and it runs from March 19 to 27. In the lead-up to the competition, we’ve created this 2022 World Women’s Championship betting guide which includes our personal picks to win.

As of this publish time, the most popular online sportsbooks have not posted betting odds for the World Curling Championship. Though, we can still speculate on which countries will probably be favored to win gold in Prince George, such as the teams below:


2022 World Women’s Curling Championship Preview

Before we dive into our betting advice, it will help to preview the 2022 World Women’s Curling Championship, which will have subtle differences from the completion that transpired during the Beijing Olympics. This looming event will feature 13 countries — three more than the Olympics. Cause of the larger playing field, the postseason is also expanded. Six teams will earn a playoff spot compared to four in Beijing.

Every competing team will play one another in the round-robin stage — meaning all countries will play 12 games. At the conclusion of the stage, the top two points-getters will earn an automatic bye in the playoffs, guaranteeing them a semi-final spot. Countries that finish three through six will also qualify for the playoffs but must win their first game to advance to the semis.

Almost all the countries that competed on the Olympic stage will participate in Prince George. The two exceptions are China and ROC, both of which won’t be playing at the World Championship. In the case of ROC, they were banned by the World Curling Federation in the fallout of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Joining the fray this event will be Germany, Italy, Norway, Scotland, and Turkey. None of the five were in the Winter Games.

The World Women’s Curling Championship happens yearly, though, it was completely canceled in 2020 due to the global pandemic. That year, it was actually scheduled to happen in Prince George, so 2022 is a “make-up” per se for the city. Switzerland has won two consecutive gold medals (2019 and 2021) during this event. That means the Swiss are up to eight golds all-time, which is second most. They lag far behind Canada, which leads the way with a whopping 17 gold medals — the last one being in 2018.

2022 World Women’s Curling Championship Betting Advice

Betting-wise, the immediate assumption is to approach the World Championship based on how Beijing went down (e.g. bet on the winners and fade the losers). Unfortunately, that’s faulty betting advice for the 2022 World Women’s Curling Championship. Allow us to explain below:

Skip A Wager On Scotland

Great Britain shocked the world with a gold-medal run in Beijing. Three of the players from that roster — skip Rebecca Morrison, vice skip Gina Aitken, and second Sophie Sinclair — will represent Scotland in Prince George. There is no formal Great Britain team at this coming event, but Scotland is the closest imitation of one. But we’re not high on Scotland’s chances to sustain that type of success. At all.

The key cog of the Great Britain team was Eve Muirhead, who is one of the best players in the entire world (male or female). Without Muirhead — who is Scottish by the way — we’re just not as high on Scotland’s chances here. We would’ve loved to see Muirhead complete the international full set of European, Olympics, and World titles, but it was not to be.

To be fair, the Scottish players that will be in Prince George did win the Scottish Championships a month ago. So it’s not like they’re chopped liver, but at the same time, they lack the star power to “run the table” per se. Save your money and wager on the below team instead.

Take The Home Favorites

Don’t underrate home-ice advantage, which only Canada possesses. It’s real and it’s finally a thing for the first time in years. Last year’s 2021 World Championship was also held in Canada, though behind closed doors with no fans. In that environment, the Canadiens struggled — by their standards at least. They went 7-6 and bowed out in the first round of the playoffs.

This year is a fresh opportunity for Canada, which will consist of Briane Meilleur (lead), Kerri Einarson (skip), Sweeting (third), Shannon Birchard (second). The group should be hardened from last year’s experience. Moreover, expectations are lighter this time around with no Olympic spot on the line. Throw in the home fans and Canada has all the makings for a championship run

Canadato win the 2022 World Women's Curling Championship
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How To Bet On 2022 World Women’s Curling Championship?

Once up-to-date betting odds are up for the competition— which is sooner rather than later because it’s almost event time — you’ll want to visit one of the below bookmakers to place a bet on the 2022 Curling Championship. Not all sportsbooks carry curling odds, but the ones listed in the table sure do. Moreover, these bookies also have lucrative sign-up bonuses available to first-time players. Through the bonuses, your first curling bets could be free of cost. Check out the table below to see what bonuses could be yours!




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