Best Bets To Win 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship

Two months removed from the 2022 Olympics, international curling once again takes center stage at the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship, which runs from April 2 to 10 in Las Vegas. For a preview of the tourney that lays ahead, plus our own best bets to win gold at the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship, then you’ll want to keep reading!

At this moment, the most-used online sportsbooks have yet to post 2022 curling championship odds. With the tourney days away, we don’t think that’ll last. But regardless, we have a pretty good idea about which countries will be favored to win the gold medal — the same ones that competed for it at the Beijing Games:

United StatesTBDTBD

2022 World Men’s Curling Championship Betting Preview

Speaking of Beijing, that’s where we should start our preview of the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship. Many of the teams that competed there will be back in the mix here. That includes Sweden, Great Britain (sort of), and Canada, which all medaled gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

Sweden has to be considered the betting favorite given its recent Olympic success back in February. They went 9-2 in Beijing, with the only losses coming to Norway and Britain (which they eventually avenged in the final). Speaking of Britain, they’re going in a new direction. The team will just be Scotland in Las Vegas — but not the Scottish squad that took silver behind Team Mouat. No, no, instead the team is bringing Team Paterson to compete. Other medalists, Canada, will be skipped Canada by Brad Gushue, who led the group at the Olympics.

In Las Vegas, thirteen different countries will be battling for gold. The complete field is as follows: Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the hosts, the USA. Each nation will face off in the round-robin stage with the top six teams advancing to the playoffs. Teams ranked first and second earn an automatic bid into the semi-finals, while the other four must survive a qualification round first.

The most successful country of all time here in Canada, which holds an eye-popping 36 gold medals — 26 more than the next-best team (Sweden). Besides the location and players participating, little has changed about the 2022 event compared to previous ones. The only difference worth mentioning is the brand-new no tick rule. Under the rule change, a stone touching the centerline in the free guard zone can NOT be moved off the centerline.

Betting Picks Win 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship

Current sports betting odds might not be up, but that’s not stopping us from deciding who our betting picks to win the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship will be once they’re posted. And yes, picks as in plural. To safeguard ourselves against a funky upset, we’ll be backing two different countries to win gold in Las Vegas. Given the single-elimination nature of the playoffs, upsets are part of the tournament script so you might as well have a “backup” bet just in case.


We said it earlier, but we’ll say it again: the Swedes deserve to be event betting favorites — but not just because they won at the Olympics two short months ago. You see, Sweden has also won the world championship for three events running. The last time they didn’t take gold at this tourney? You’d have to go back to 2017 when they “only” won silver. Simply put, this team has been a notch above the rest of the world for five years running now.

What’s the common denominator between these gold-medal teams? Skipper Niklas Edin, who’s once again at the helm of Sweden at the world championships. Winning at the Olympics checked off the last accolade that Edin was missing in a career that’s as decorated as anyone in this sport — but we don’t sense that’ll negatively impact Edin and the team’s motivation levels. They’re just not wired that way and another gold, which we’re betting happens, puts them in the conversation for an all-time “dynasty.”

Swedento win the 2022 World Men's Curling Championship
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United States

Since Sweden will likely be the betting favorites — and a popular pick among bettors — we wanted our backup bet to be a little more “risk on.” In that regard, the United States fits the bill perfectly. They made the semis in Beijing, but rather than bring back that team, the Americans have started fresh with the likes of skipper Korey Dropkin and the experienced Joe Polo at third. It’s a brand-new combination for the team, hence why it’s risky, but you also can’t overlook the home-ice advantage at play in Las Vegas. Take the US as underdogs here!

USAto win the 2022 World Men's Curling Championship
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How To Watch 2022 Men’s Curling Championship

Curling still lacks mainstream awareness, which means traditional TV channels won’t be carrying the looming event in the United States. But who needs them anyway when you can watch the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship online with the Curling Channel. Every single game will be exclusively streamed on the online platform — for free! For nine straight days, there’s nonstop action but you’ll want to earmark these pivotal days right now:

  • Saturday, April 9 — Qualification (5 pm EST) and Semifinal (10 pm EST)
  • Sunday, April 10 — Finals (7 pm EST)

How To Bet On 2022 Men’s Curling Championship?

The futures bet we covered above is just the “tip of the iceberg.” To get more bets for the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship, you’ll want to check out one of the bookies below. The sites will carry a bevy of other bets such as props and live wagers. Opportunities will be galore from April 2 to 10 so don’t miss out!




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