Bet on Bitcoin to stay hot and keep increasing in 2024

When exploring sportsbooks, it’s essential to assess the available options thoroughly. Discovering unique financial markets that offer exclusive betting opportunities can be fascinating. 

For instance, BetOnline allows you to bet on the prices of stock shares, allowing you to profit from the stock market without actually purchasing any shares.

Let’s look at some of the less conventional markets available. However, it is worth exploring betting opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and considering its future trajectory.

The first market we will examine is the price of Bitcoin at the end of June.

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Bitcoin End of June Price

Bitcoin continues its steady ascent, increasing over 8% this past month.

Bitcoin End of June PriceBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $68500.50-130-130-130
Under $68500.50-110-110-110

Last month, oddsmakers set the prop on the Bitcoin price at the end of May at $63,500.50, which is quite a bit lower than the $68,500,50 currently offered.

Oddsmakers have raised the total $5000 from last month, and to be honest, it may not be high enough! The total has spiked to $70,000 and over a couple of times in June already.

With the information available, it seems likely that Bitcoin will continue this price surge. I would agree with the oddsmakers and bet Over $68,500.50 at -130 odds.

Over $68,500.50Bitcoin End of June Price
Bet now

Bitcoin End of Year Price

After analyzing Bitcoin’s market trends for the end of June, let’s project its price at the end of the year.

Bitcoin End of YearBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $72000.5-150-150-150
Under $72000.5+110+110+110

Bitcoin has experienced a significant surge over the past year, doubling its value, with an increase of approximately $35,000—over 125%!

I agree with the oddsmakers here; it feels like a reactionary figure. A few months ago, they predicted Bitcoin’s end-of-year price to reach $75,500.

I would bet on the Over $72,000.50 at -150 odds, even though the temptation to go against the oddsmakers with the plus money odds on the Under at +110 is strong.

Over $72,000.50Bitcoin End of Year Price
Bet now

Several websites offer wagering opportunities; you can even use the newest form of funds transfer, cryptocurrency. We have a list of the best betting sites that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

When will Bitcoin hit $100k

The final market we will discuss is when Bitcoin will hit the glorious $100,000 mark.

When does Bitcoin hits $100000BetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Does Not Happen in 2024-2000-2000-2000

The speculation on this prop is all over the place. We are halfway through the year, so we do only have six more months in which Bitcoin could hit this number.

Oddsmakers do not believe Bitcoin reaches this number this year. -2000 odds are about as high as you can get on a prop when gambling. The implied probability of -2000 odds is over 95%.

Does Not Happen in 2024When will Bitcoin hit $100k
Bet now

A -2000 prop is absolutely dreadful to bet on. That is no fun and not much return unless you’re willing to wager a large amount.

Let’s take a look at two more possibilities. The first one is Bitcoin hitting $100,000 next month. We mentioned earlier it had spiked and hit $70,000 several times this month already.

To reach $100,000, Bitcoin would need to increase over $30,000. Oddsmakers are offering +1000 odds on Bitcoin, reaching $100k in July. The implied probability on +1000 odds is just over 9%.

Over $30,000 would be a record-shattering 45% increase in one month! Those increases are not impossible, but they are unlikely to occur in such a short time.

JulyWhen will Bitcoin hit $100k
Bet now

The final option we can explore is my personal favorite for this prop.

December is the last month to reach the $100k mark for Bitcoin. It gives more time for Bitcoin to keep increasing, and it provides much better odds at +1600.

Although +1600 odds indicate an implied probability of around 6%, I like this month better than the other options. I would sprinkle on December for the month Bitcoin reaches $100k.

DecemberWhen will Bitcoin hit $100k
Bet now

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