Betting at Buffalo Wild Wings: The Only Possible Next Step

  • Buffalo Wild Wings wants to get in on the sports betting industry
  • It’s a natural fit, and a great idea for BWW
  • Who will be next, after B-Dubs?

If you haven’t seen the news, Buffalo Wild Wings wants to offer a betting service, and opportunities for diners to make bets while eating at their location.

There are a few kneejerk reactions to this, the most important being: of course. Ever since Murphy v NCAA wrapped up, this has been more or less inevitable. Maybe you didn’t think of it before, but now that the possibility exists in the ether there’s no way to imagine a b-dubs without live betting.

Odds: Buffalo Wild Wings Betting

  • Odds Buffalo Wild Wings offers a Free Bet promotion: 3/7
  • Odds Buffalo Wild Wings offers Burger, Beer and a Bet for $20: EVEN
  • Over/Under Average Wager: $10

Chain restaurants are, as a rule, struggling in 2018. There are a lot of root causes of this (stagnating wages is one), but Buffalo Wild Wings has been the exception for a while. They’ve achieved this by prioritizing the customer experience over the food, as food has slim margins and diminishing returns. Investing million in improving the menu won’t get you far ahead of Red Lobster and Applebees, but investing in the consumer experiecne might. Offering a betting service is just another way to do that.

There’s an upper limit on what people are willing to spend at a Buffalo Wild Wings, or any chain restaurant. BWW hav typically targeted customers who want to spend ~$40 for a family, which isn’t a lot of room to work with. Adding a betting service, really a whole other dimension of service, adds a whole other revenue stream and potentially multiplies what the restaurant can take from each customer.

The legality of it all is an issue that will be plowed over by the obvious profit incentive. With Murphy v NCAA, there are very few remaining obstacles (other than state legislatures) to getting something popular and profitable into one of the fifty states BWW operates in.

Odds: Next Restaurant to Offer Betting Service

  • Outback Steakhouse: 5/1
  • Applebees: 8/1
  • Chilis: 8/1
  • Waffle House: 15/1
  • Chic-fil-A: 20/1

The problem is that anywhere that advertises itself as a family restaurant is going to have a hard time reconciling that with a gambling service. Same with anywhere that leans heavily on a Christian identity, as while the bible does not specifically mention gambling, it’s frowned upon by many Christians as a vice.

Also, Chic-fil-A isn’t open on Sundays, so no betting on football!

Geoff Johnson

MTS co-founder Geoff Johnson is a lifelong Mets fan, something he can't do anything about. He has a great track record when it comes to wagering on baseball – largely because he's more than willing to bet against the Mets. His career profits are impressive, but not quite as good as his handsome friend Frank Lorenzo. He wishes he hadn't let Frank write his profile.