The Match 4 Betting Preview: DeChambeau and Rodgers vs Brady and Mickelson

The latest iteration of the Match – an exhibition golf round that started between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is on the schedule for July 6. After their first pairing, athletes and other golfers have joined the fray, changing up the dynamics and golf betting odds every time. This version of the Match features Phil Mickelson pairing with Tom Brady to go up against Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau. The Match 4 takes place at Moonlight Basin in Montana. Get ready for it with our Match 4 betting preview.

Previous Results from The Match Series

This is Mickelson’s third time entering “The Match” series and his second time pairing with Tom Brady. The two lost to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in the second iteration of the event. They kept it interesting, cutting Woods and Manning’s three-hole lead on the back nine. However, they could not close the gap.

Phil and Tiger played in the first match, with Phil winning on the 22nd hole (after four playoffs). Phil’s third entry paired him with Charles Barkley against Peyton Manning and Steph Curry. They came out victorious by a score of 4-3.

Who Will Win the Match 4?

Win the Match 4BetOnlineBetOnlineWin the Match 4

Once again, Brady and Mickelson partner as the underdogs. Rodgers has a better golf handicap than Brady, 4.6 to 8.1. To add some perspective, Peyton Manning’s golf handicap is 6.4.

While Tom Brady is the consummate winner, Aaron Rodgers has always been considered the better athlete. It is a similar situation with Bryson and Phil. Phil has much more success in his golf career (although he is 23 years older), but Bryson is much more athletic.

Rodgers is also not focusing on football lately – due to his strained ties with the Green Bay Packers. He has been vacationing and likely getting in more rounds of golf at this time of year than he usually would.

With the pros – if you take out Phil’s surprising win at the 2021 PGA Championship, Bryson has been the better golfer the last few years. His power off the tee will help Rodgers when they play best ball with closer approaches than Brady will get with Phil.

The course – Moonlight Basin – is also notorious long. If you play from the Mill Creek tees, it totals 8,000 yards in length. The length of the course favours Bryson – who leads the PGA Tour with the longest average drive (322.7 yards).

His ability to hit the long drives will help them on the back 9 – when they switch the setup. With Bryson driving and Rodgers able to play the approach on half the back 9 holes, they can maximize their team’s strength to win The Match 4.

Rodgers/DeChambeauTo Win the Match 4
Bet now

Who Will Hit the Longest Drive

Longest DriveBetOnlineBetOnlineLongest Drive
Aaron Rodgers+110-150Tom Brady

Brady won the longest drive against Peyton Manning “The Match 2” after outdriving the NFL Hall-of-Famer by one yard on Hole 15. At this point of the event was when Tom Brady started playing better than Peyton Manning.

Unlike Manning, Rodgers is not retired from the NFL and spending much of his free time golfing. He certainly gets out to play – probably a similar amount to Brady – but not as much as Manning. However, Manning’s power was always the most significant question mark going into the event.

Manning’s neck surgeries caught up to him at the end of his National Football League career. It would be hard to know if this event happened in 2012, not 2020, if Manning would be able to outdrive Brady. Because of that and the fact it was only a difference of one yard, we are going with Rodgers and the plus money for the longest drive.

Aaron RodgersTo Hit the Longest Drive
Bet now

Will be Leading After 9 Holes

Lead After 9BetOnlineBetOnlineWin the Match 4

The last time Mickelson and Brady teamed up, they were down three holes after the front 9. Manning shot better than Brady on seven of the nine holes. It could have been eight holes if not for Brady’s miraculous birdie on the seventh hole.

Brady’s front nine struggles were costly for his team. Phil could not make up for Brady’s struggles as they failed to win a hole on the front 9. They played much better on the back 9, and I expect similar results again. Take Rodgers and DeChambeau to be up after the front 9.

Rodgers/DeChambeauTo Be Leading After 9 Holes
Bet now

Team to Get the First Birdie

Team to get First BirdieBetOnlineBetOnlineTeam to get First Birdie

The first hole at Moonlight Basin is something out of Bryson DeChambeau’s dreams. At 463 yards and an elevated tee (plus at 7,500 feet altitude), it possible DeChambeau gets it on the green on his first shot.

Bryson’s longest drive of his career is recorded at 428 yards – on the 467-yard par-4 10th hole of Travelers Championship. The Travelers Championship takes place at TPC Rivers Highlands – a course with an elevation of 150 feet.

It is most likely DeChambeau’s first shot falls within 35 yards of the opening hole. It would set him up well to chip to the green and set up an opening hole putt for birdie.

Rodgers/DeChambeauTeam to Get the First Birdie
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