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MyTopSportsbooks Matched Betting Guide

Matched betting is not gambling, this is important to the state first. It is a type of betting system used by many across the world in order to make profit from promotional free bets offered by bookmakers. These promotions and incentives are commonplace on gambling websites, so it’s easy to use this as a source of income – if it’s being done correctly!

The MyTopSportsbooks Matched Betting guide will take bettors through the different aspects of no risk matched betting. But what is matched betting? Well, it’s a method of turning free bets into actual money. Bettors are required to cover all the potential outcomes of a particular wager, through placing a variety of bets.

By bettor in this way, it means that the bet is “risk-free”, which is very appealing to many bettors. Although this guide will lay out the foundations of matched betting, it’s always worth delving deep into the practises and methods of matched betting.

Getting to Grips with What Is Matched Betting

There will be no line shopping to be done on no risk matched betting sites, it’s a different animal altogether from standard betting practices. Obviously, this phrase has the term betting in it, which implies risk. However, it’s no risk matched betting for good reason.

Matched betting is a system in which bettors follow a strict set of procedures in order to ensure they see a profit. Bettors will place more than bet at a time, minimizing the risk and ensuring any losses in units are covered.

This type of betting ignores the result of a sporting event and focuses on the profit earned from bonuses. This may seem confusing at first, but it’s simply a case of covering yourself so you don’t lose.

Matched betting also does not require the participant to have any interest in gambling, or even sports, just the hunger to make money. As the community of matched bettors continues to grow, it’s becoming easier to get tips and insider tricks.

This leads to the common misconception that matched betting is extremely difficult to grasp, which isn’t true at all. It’s about being disciplined and following the structure and ensuring there is a consistent process in this.

There is no beginner’s guide to matched betting. There are the rules of the process which must be followed. While there are slight adjustments to the methodology that can be changed, the process is the same for newcomers and veterans.

There are hundreds of no-risk matched betting USA sites available to bettors, so it’s not hard to come by the tools you need to get going. There are so many US-based sportsbooks, so the promotional offerings are endless!

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The Best No Risk Matched Betting Sites

There are many to choose from and it’s difficult to choose the best one, each sportsbook offers different bonuses, so it’s worth seeing which ones are workable in accordance with the rules of matched betting.

The incentives offered by bookmakers are normally just temporary, so within a short period of time a new one will be available. This means matched bettors need to keep track of offerings.

It’s worth shopping around the various sportsbooks and seeing which deals are available, on a daily basis if possible. Alternatively, there are many dedicated matched betting sites that offer a collective of data taken from all the sportsbooks to make this process even easier!

At this point, we should probably let you know that bookmakers don’t like matched betting. They’re a for-profit business and if bettors are finding ways to game the system, that is always bad for them.

As such, oddsmakers reserve the right to ban accounts or restrict playing time on accounts. From what we hear from the community, while this is true they can ban accounts, it’s fairly uncommon for matched bettors to receive bans.

How to Make Money from Matched Betting Sites

The question we’re always getting from our readers, ‘how much can be made matched betting?” Ultimately the answer varies from one person to the next, as it’s down to how much graft each bettor is willing to put into the process.

Mostly speaking, matched bettors use the system to supplement their main income, although this is certainly not always the case. There are many who are raking in up to $3,000 per month.

Many stay-at-home parents and people who have a lot of free time, like young adults and students, are finding the system to be very useful. While it won’t make these people millionaires, it certainly helps to bring money each year. When time equates to money, it’s really down to the person doing it how much they want to make.

The whole system fundamentally works on promotions that are being offered, which begs the question ‘what happens when the promotions run out?” Well, the promotions never run out. There are so many sportsbooks, incentives, reloads, bonuses, etc… coming out everyday – bettors are spoilt for choice!