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MyTopSportsbooks Mobile Betting Guide

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Across the world, over 44% of the world’s population owns a smartphone (including a whopping 74% of the US population). The good news is that all of the sportsbooks we review provide mobile betting options. In this article, we’re going to lay out the best sportsbooks for mobile betting.

Read the MyTopSportsbooks Mobile Betting guide to find out the specifics of the best sites for sportsbook mobile betting. We review the best sportsbooks for mobile betting based on their UI, UX, features available, ease of use, speed, and simplicity. The best mobile experience is a simple one that lets you bet in all the ways you desire.

With our help, you can get rid of your clunky laptop or desktop and start betting on the go, from any location.


Our Top 5 Sportsbook Picks for Mobile Betting

As previously mentioned, every sportsbook we review is equipped for mobile, on the go betting. However, the following five sportsbooks are what we’ve found to be the best and smoothest options for betting on a mobile device. In using sportsbooks on mobile devices, we’ve found the following five sites to have the best experience.

1. Bovada

Bovada is the gold standard of the sports betting mobile experience. It is also one of the rare sites that let you sign up for an account via their mobile platform. Further, you can exercise both your deposit and withdrawal options on Bovada’s website.

Bovada offers lines on all major sports on their site. From NFL and NCAA football to hockey to basketball to baseball, every sport is available.

A full selection of bets is offered on the mobile platform, including props and futures. Their live and in-play betting on mobile is excellent; odds refresh on your mobile phone automatically.

Aesthetically, Bovada is very elegant and simple. It’s both easy on the eyes and to use. You’ll forget you’re using a smaller screen.

There is nothing you need to download in order to access Bovada’s mobile betting platform. There is no frustration, no clutter, and no advertisements. Just pure sports betting action.

What makes Bovada such a strong option is its speed. You will never have to wait around for pages to load. It scored a 5 (very high) on tests we ran using proprietary software that accesses the overall merits of a website’s UI and UX.

Read our full review of Bovada.

2. BetOnline

BetOnline’s mobile betting is efficient, fast, and straight to the point. It’s one of our top picks for the best sportsbooks for mobile betting. Users are allowed to make deposits and withdrawals from their phone. New users are allowed to sign up on their mobile site as well.

Further, Bet Online provides a QR code on their desktop site that allows you to quickly enter their mobile-optimized site after a quick scan.

All of the BetOnline.ag’s major betting options are available on their mobile site. Their live betting section functions well on their mobile platform. You won’t experience the limited features many bettors associated with mobile betting.

BetOnline has a wide selection of sports that you are allowed to be on via their mobile site. Clients can place bets on Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Martial Arts, Rugby, Soccer, and Tennis.

Best of all, BetOnline is currently offering a $50 free play bonus just for betting with their mobile site. If you have any questions about what a “free play” bonus is, check out our guide to all things bonus related.

It scored a 4 (extremely high) on tests we ran using software that accesses the overall quality of a website’s UI and UX.

Read our full review of BetOnline.

3. SportsBetting.ag

As per our review, we found Sportsbetting.ag’s mobile site even easier to use than their desktop version in many respects.

Sportsbetting.ag likes their mobile site so much that they’re incentivizing bettors to start using it with a $50 free play bonus. That’s a pretty juicy bonus for just betting from your mobile device!

Of course, Sportsbetting.ag offers you a full range of bets, as well as live betting from your mobile device. Bet on baseball, basketball, cricket, football, martial arts, soccer, and tennis, amongst many other popular sports.

Sportsbetting.ag scored a 9 (exceptional) on tests we ran using proprietary software that accesses the overall capability of a website’s UX and UI.

Read our full review of SportsBetting.ag.

4. MyBookie

MyBookie has a reputation for being an old-school sportsbook, but their mobile betting option is definitely forward-looking. Any bet you want to make on your desktop, you can make on your mobile device.

Additionally, MyBookie is one of the last books that lets you place a bet over the phone. This might not be “mobile betting” in the sense you might associate it with, but it still counts. It’s a classic example of MyBookie’s unique sensibility that combines the old-school with the distinctly modern.

The interface is very basic, and this is a good thing; you aren’t inundated with too many options on the screen at once. Further, MyBookie remembers what sports and leagues you most recently bet on and lets you quickly go to that portion of the site. This is a great help when you want to place a bet when you’re on in a time crunch on the go.

Odds and lines are available for every major sport, and you can use My Bookie in every single country in the world. Of course, My Bookie has live betting options, although it can be a bit slow at times.

MyBookie scored an 8 (very high) on tests we ran using proprietary software that accesses the overall value of a website’s UX and UI.

Read our full review of MyBookie.ag.

5. GTbets

GTbets is a great option for mobile betting, and they have one of the cleanest, most visually appealing mobile betting platforms available; every aspect of the site is very well thought out and executed.

As with all of our top-notch mobile betting sportsbooks, GT bets lets users deposit and withdrawal online, as well as offering all their regular betting options to mobile customers. Their mobile cashier is particularly strong. After logging in, you’ll see your balance, and withdrawing takes fewer steps than other sportsbooks. In a word, its the most efficient mobile withdrawal option out there.

Of course, GTbets offers all regular betting options on mobile, including live betting. One feature they have, rare to mobile sports betting, is racebook style horse betting. This makes them an excellent option for bettors who love to bet within this realm.

GTbets scored a 9 (exceptional) on tests we ran using proprietary software that accesses the overall caliber of a website’s UI and UX.

Read our full review of GTbets.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

Yes, it sure is. All you need to get started with sportsbook mobile betting is:

  • Internet Connectivity (either via WiFi or 3G/4G/56 network)
  • A smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, etc.)
  • An account at one of the safe and trusted sportsbooks we recommend.

None of the best sportsbooks for mobile betting we recommend require you to download anything. There are no necessary applications to install, whatsoever.

Every site that we recommend is compatible with whatever mobile phone (Android, iPhone, amongst others) or tablet you are using, as long as it is 3G enabled.

Additionally, we always recommend that you update both your mobile phone’s operating system, as well as make any suggested updates to your preferred internet browser. This way, you’ll be able to experience betting in the way the sportsbook intended you to. The optimal software is necessary for an optimal experience.

Sportsbooks have always been pioneers in maximizing the internet’s potential for global connectivity. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, many sports betting sites offer optimized mobile betting. Speed, ease, and convenience are the name of the game when it comes to sportsbooks for mobile betting.

Can you make the wrong choice?

Of course, there are bookmakers out there that are best avoided. However, generally speaking, as long as you follow the recommendations we give you and pay attention to the fact the advice we have on-site, you’ll be fine. Navigating your way to a reliable and secure bookmaker is the first task. Then, look to find odds that suit your interests and provide a broad range of options for when you want to bet on other markets.

At this point, you’re ready to make a decision. Having scanned the top sportsbooks around, such as the ones you’ll find on this page, you are now ready to decide which is the one for you. Remember, you can always sign up with more than one!

Now that you know everything you need about the best sportsbooks for mobile betting, start placing bets on the go today!