How to Get an Advantage Over Other NFL Bettors

There are many facets to football betting, but when you strip everything down, the basic goal is to outsmart the bookie by choosing whether a team covers the pointspread or not. Each week, the spreads on every game are painstakingly set – based on dozens of factors – by teams of professional bookmakers in Vegas and at online sports betting providers. Because these guys study football for a living, the final outcome of the games often land within a few points of the spread one way or the other, resulting in huge excitement every week and ensuring that every bettor wins about half of the time. But what if there was a way for the average betting Joe to move the spread in his favour, for just one game a week?

Earlier this season, a new online sportsbook took the industry by storm by offering each of their football bettors a free full point on every game their chosen favourite NFL team plays. This would mean that if you were a Ravens fan, if you bet on the Ravens with a -4 public spread, they would only have to win by 3 points for you to cash in. This could potentially mean being able to win on a last minute field goal instead of hoping they go for the touchdown.

This offer is only offered by a sportsbook called GTBets, and not only do they offer the free point for your chosen NFL team, but half a point for your college football alma mater. Of course, you could lie about who your teams are and just choose strong defensive teams that are more likely to be involved in tight games. GTBets also has an incredible loyalty rewards program which offers a nice selection of free merchandise just for playing. Sign up for an account using our link and you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus on your first deposit (yes, they take all major American credit cards) Sign up for GTBets today, or read the review here on!

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Geoff Johnson

MTS co-founder Geoff Johnson is a lifelong Mets fan, something he can't do anything about. He has a great track record when it comes to wagering on baseball – largely because he's more than willing to bet against the Mets. His career profits are impressive, but not quite as good as his handsome friend Frank Lorenzo. He wishes he hadn't let Frank write his profile.