Record-Setting Winning Season for NFL Betting

With more bettors winning more bets and money than ever in history, this has been an incredible season for NFL bettors, and one that the online sportsbooks surely cant wait to be over.

It started with the whole replacement ref scandal. With the nervousness of the rookie referees affecting the calls in favour of the home team more often than not, even the most high-profile games became more unpredictable for the bookmakers and tougher to set odds for. While most fans hated the inexperienced scab refs, bettors loved them. However, it wasn’t until the regular referees got back that the books started to lose an unprecedented amount of money.

It is well known in the sports betting industry that even with the point spreads set against them, most bettors will bet on the favorite more often than the underdog – especially when betting parlays. Most seasons though, if the bookmakers have done their job correctly, the favorite will only cover the spread half of the time.

However, this season, the favorites have been dominating. Winning by wider margins than ever and covering the spread way more often than not. One week, the favorites covered the spread in all but one game. MyTopSportsBooks had referred a first-time bettor who started betting with just $300 in his account, and thanks to some parlay bets is currently up over $18,000 at time of writing.
You would think that this trend would be reversing itself as the odd-setters compensate for this, but the favorites still continue to cover and NFL bettors are winning hand over fist.

With just a couple of regular season weeks left, this is your chance to get in on this incredible winning season. If you’d like to get in on the action for the first time, these are two online sportsbooks that we recommend especially for new American football bettors…


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