Feds shut down a massive gambling ring at Illinois State University

Despite online sports betting being made legal in Illinois last year, that doesn’t mean some highly illegal operations still aren’t going down across the state. Matter of fact, headlines are being made this month, after a concerning operation was shut down by the federal government on a local campus. That’s right, the feds shut down a massive gambling ring at Illinois State University.

This is sure to raise eyebrows. It’s one thing for news of a gambling ring to rise, but when it involves students at a local university laying their money down while on campus, it’s sure to bring plenty of worry among the different lawmakers throughout the state. Matter of fact, after quite the investigation, things have been shut down.

Per local reports, U.S Attorney Terry Kinney is calling for Matthew Namoff to face jail time after his role played in this operation. In an article written by the Chicago Sun-Times, it’s reported that Namoff took this gambling project to Illinois State University while working with Vincent “Uncle Mick” DelGiudice in the process.

There was a ‘bookmaking operation’ on the campus, which of course is a massive no-no. With Namoff working closely with students at Illinois State University to bring in their bets, this was a massive crime. While we know that underground, illegal betting goes down across the country, the absolute last thing the federal government wants to see is for underage bettors to get in on the action as well.

How many people were involved in this illegal gambling operation?

Of course, folks will want to know how many people were involved in this illegal gambling operation? Unfortunately, there was quite the list, as the Sun-Times has reported that DelGiudice admitted that he and Namoff had worked together for more than three years, with at least 60 others being part of their books. That number is only what was discovered, though.

You never know if DelGiudice and Namoff had teamed up with more people. It would be a shock whatsoever if the actual number was in the triple digits or more. Remember, this is college kids we’re talking about. Imagine them having the opportunity to bet on different sports games, including the NFL, illegally, and do so with ease. That’s something that would surely draw their attention.

“Matthew Namoff played an important role in DelGiudice’s illicit business — as an agent, he ran DelGiudice’s bookmaking operation on a college campus, which facilitated gambling by underage students,” Kinney said when discussing why the feds are pushing for him to receive jail time for his role in things here.

Even worse, it looks like DelGuidice was also having bets being made through him by police officers and firemen. Remember, sports betting wasn’t made legal in the state until March of 2020. While the vote to make it legal went through in 2019, the first legal wager at a sportsbook wasn’t made until 2020. With that said, DelGuidice got sneaky and worked this ring in the meantime.

Namoff is scheduled for sentencing later this month

What will end up happening as a result of this? Well, Namoff is scheduled for sentencing later this month. The expectation is that he’ll receive some jail time. Prosecutors don’t want him to walk free from this, while his defense is trying to do everything possible to make sure he doesn’t spend time behind bars, which is unlikely.

Remember, Namoff wasn’t just working with DelGuidice for a week or two. It’s on record that the two teamed up for more than three years, with this gambling ring going worldwide. However, the main issue for Namoff here is that he took the business to a college campus. While Illinois State University has declined comment on the case, it’s clear people in the community are furious by the incident.

“Of particular significance in considering the seriousness of the offense is the fact that Namoff ran this illegal operation at a college campus,” prosecutors wrote in a memo leading up to the potential sentencing for Namoff on Aug. 23. “This was a sophisticated and professional operation that Namoff managed.”

Now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Namoff. It’s become more than clear, though, that the prosecution wants him to pay for his actions here. The chances of him not spending time in jail are slim to none.

Namoff is facing at least six months in jail for the gambling ring

In this case, Namoff is facing at least six months in jail for the gambling ring, but at this point, he might be lucky if it’s only the 180 days for him. Namoff, a student at Illinois State, had indeed recruited the 60 fellow students to take part in this illegal gambling. Because of this, the prosecution doesn’t want things to be taken lightly on him, as it very well could end up making a statement.
“A sentence to include a term of incarceration will send a powerful message to Namoff and other individuals that working as an agent for an illegal gambling enterprise is a serious offense will not be tolerated,” the prosecutors have stated for their case coming in a few weeks.
Right now, only time will tell what ends up happening for Namoff, but things don’t look good for him. If he does get a strong sentence, you better believe it will be a wake-up call for him. He’ll know better in the future to try and get involved with illegal gambling, one would hope.
Xing Cai

Xing Cai is the son of immigrants living in San Francisco. He fell in love with baseball as a child and studied sports journalism in the California State University system. He currently lives in the Bay Area with his two dogs.