2012 World Series Betting – Tigers vs Giants Preview

The Detroit Tigers had five to days to watch and study how the NLCS would resolved, but now they need to get in action to see how their World Series matchup against the San Francisco Giants will be.

2012 World Series Betting – Tigers vs Giants PreviewJustin Verlander is the ace the Tigers have for the series, and he will open game one of the World series this Wednesday against one of the Giants best pitcher, Tim Tim Lincecum,  and despite on the paper the matchups looks as a great battle, the way Verlander handles these situations, make Detroit a huge favorite.

In the batting situation Delmon Young might be a key player, coming just behind Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.  We might Cabrera and Fielder on the bases a lot, which means it will be Young’s job to send them to the home plate.

The Giants know they are about to face one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball history, but they also know this team has some resilient when crunch time arrives.

“The team has captured people’s imagination — and people call them cockroaches — because every time this team has been beaten down, it’s popped back up,” Larry Baer, the Giants’ chief executive, said.

“And I’m talking lots of ways. Beaten down by Brian Wilson being out for the season. Beaten down by Aubrey Huff not being the starting first baseman, Freddy Sanchez not playing, Melky Cabrera off the field, the prospects of a blockbuster Dodger trade, down 2-0 and having to win three in a row in Cincinnati, down 3-1 here.

The Tigers are favorites in the moneyline -170 to win the World Series, and the Giants are listed +150

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