2021 MLB Specials: Cleveland Indians’ Name Change

  • BetUS has updated odds for the next name of Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team
  • “Spiders” is a +200 betting favorite as it was once the name of a baseball club in the city over a century ago
  • “Guardians” is a strong value at +1500 considering its current popularity with fans and ties to Cleveland architecture

After announcing in December that it would change its “Indians” name for the first time since 1915, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team has reportedly whittled down a list of 1,200 potential new names to a shortlist of finalists.

The decision to change the franchise’s name is of course the result of a national movement to remove and replace prejudicial names and symbols. And having not won a World Series since 1948, this could be the good karma the club needs to end its 72-season title drought.

Let’s take a look at the betting favorites to be the new name of Cleveland’s baseball franchise. And, as always, be sure to refer to our MLB 2021 betting guide for further wagering tips and advice.

Cleveland Name for the first game of 2022

Cleveland Baseball Club+300
Blue Sox+900
Rocks or Rockers+1500
Wild Things+2000

Cleveland Spiders is the favorite

The Spiders is a +200 favorite to be the name of Cleveland’s baseball team by the start of the 2022 season. A National League team called the Spiders played in the city from 1887-99. Led by legendary pitcher Cy Young, the club was a perennial contender throughout the 1890s and even won a precursor to the World Series known as the “Temple Cup” in 1895.

Even more than this century-old history, “Spiders” is a cool name that would boast sweet jerseys and merchandise unlike the Cleveland Baseball Club (+300), which is on the list because the “Washington Football Team” is now a thing in the NFL.


There’s some nice alliteration with the Cleveland Crows (+850) and “American Crows are abundant in Ohio” according to our Internet research. However, the next two names on the board, Blue Sox (+900) and Buckeyes (+1000), are awful and should not be wagered on under any circumstances.

SpidersCleveland's New Name
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CrowsCleveland's New Name
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Cleveland Guardians?

Still somehow available at +1500, the name “Guardians” recently came in third in a fan poll and there’s some city history with this one as well: the famous “Guardians of Traffic” sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge. The eight Guardians have stood watch over the bridge since 1932, and you may recognize them from the opening shot of the iconic baseball movie “Major League.”

Speaking of that classic piece of cinema, you can also wager on the name being Wild Things (+2000), which would be far too awesome for it to actually happen.

While you can’t wager on it, “Avengers” has also been among the most popular names pushed by fans on social media. Although the bulk of the first Avengers flick takes place in New York City, it was apparently partly filmed in Cleveland. Which would instantly make it the lamest and most tenuous connection to a city ever.

“Spiders” at +200 is probably the winning play, but we can’t pass up the value of Guardians at +1500.

GuardiansCleveland's New Name
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