Houston Astros Top The 2022 AL Pennant Picks

The MLB and MLBPA do not look like they will have a deal in time for a full baseball season. The 2022 season is expected to run from April to October but may not. Then, the postseason will last into November once more. In this article, we’re making some betting picks for the 2022 AL Pennant Picks.

Speaking of which, the top MLB online betting sportsbooks have futures odds available right now on who wins the pennant in the American League. As it stands, these six teams below are the best contenders. It looks like Houston heads our 2022 AL Pennant Picks.

MLB AL Pennant 2022 OddsMyBookieBetOnline
Houston Astros+370+550
Toronto Blue Jays+420+700
New York Yankees+450+575
Chicago White Sox+450+600
Tampa Bay Rays+530+700
Boston Red Sox+740+1000

Houston Astros Lead 2022 AL Pennant Picks

The Houstron Astros lead the 2022 AL Pennant Picks. They have led this for the fourth consecutive offseason. Those years did not end well but 2017 was that one magic year. Houston won the World Series that year amid a bevy of accusations including cheating. Last season, they lost to the Atlanta Braves in six games. However, they did take their third AL pennant in five seasons.

The Astros did not lose much in free agency and remain the most formidable team in the American League. Their recap is below from the 2021 season.

The 2022 version should function no differently than previous years. Houston figures to ride their balanced pitching and hitting to another World Series title shot. The only thing that can derail the hopes may be if Carlos Correa signs somewhere else. He still has not made a decision yet. If he stays, Houston is the most likely pick to win the American League again.

2022 AL Pennant Picks Time

Indeed, we’re making 2022 American League Pennant picks — not one, but at least two. Why? Because as we mentioned before, hedging can prove to make your investment look wise. What if a star player gets injured or worse? He could miss a lot of the season. Or worse, what if key players wind up missing part of the postseason? What if a team loses its top free agent? Better yet, what if the MLB does not play a full season? All of those scenarios are on the table, which means you need to be smart when making bets like pennant or division futures.

Making multiple bets is EXACTLY how you should manage risk. Plus at these longer odds, you can afford to make two or three bets and still be profitable in the end (with one right choice, of course). With that said, here are a couple teams that could take home the AL Pennant and advance to the World Series.

Chances for the Houston Astros Up In The Air?

Few teams in the American League have been favored as many years in a row as the Houston Astros. The only team that has exceeded this would be the late 1990’s and early 2000’s New York Yankees. New York had the futures market cornered back then in a way that few can imagine.

The big potential defection still could be Carlos Correa. Yes, Correa could very well just sign a new deal in Houston and that looks more likely than not. Also, the 27-year old is looking for Corey Seagar like money after coming off his best season in the majors. Correa cannot do anything now because free agency is on hold. Until there is a new collective bargaining agreement, we will not know just how much the infielder will get paid.

There is a bright side too for Houston. It does feel like the longer the CBA takes to get signed, the more likely Correa stays in Houston. It might not be smart to uproot everything just to play a short season. Plus, Scott Boras and Houston appear to be on good terms in this negotiation phase. There are a few hurdles to overcome but it does seem the Astros are confident their All-Star will come back. It does not hurt having two current teammates also signed with Boras for an agent.

Houston ranked in the top four among American League teams in seven major pitching categories. Other than triples and stolen bases, the Astros were right near or at the top of every offensive category as well. Little, right now, indicates much of a change there. They are our pick to win their division and therefore the best shot at going to the World Series again. That means another AL Pennant.

Houston Astrossto win the 2022 American League Pennant
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Chances for Toronto Blue Jays

So, the Toronto Blue Jays have solid AL Pennant Chances. Period. The Blue Jays could very well rise even more than they have over the past two seasons. Last year, their late run came up just one game short. There is a reason why they are next to the defending league champion Houston Astros.

Toronto expects to only improve going forward. Jose Berrios and Kevin Gausman are two pitchers who expect to keep Toronto in games. The bullpen is okay but the Blue Jays will have room to upgrade that before the season starts. Later in the season. If Toronto can acquire some quality arms at the trade deadline, then lookout. Their numbers may shorten. Take Toronto while their AL Pennant odds are like this as a secondary pick.

Toronto Blue Jaysto win the 2022 American League Pennant
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How To Bet On The AL Pennant Picks?

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