MLB Hall of Fame 2022 Inductee Odds, Picks and Predictions

  • BetUS has posted odds on who will make the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022
  • David Ortiz (-500) and Alex Rodriguez (-150) are favorites to be voted into Cooperstown
  • Many big-name stars are entering their final year of eligibility

For the first time since 2013, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) failed to elect anyone into the National Baseball Hall of Fame last year.

With confirmed and suspected PED users such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling and Sammy Sosa entering their 10th and final year of eligibility, will voters soften their stances on the 2022 ballot?

Let’s review the latest odds to see who’s expected to be inducted into Cooperstown next year and check out our MLB 2021 betting guide for further wagering tips and advice.

2022 MLB HOF Inductee Odds

David Ortiz-500
Alex Rodriguez-150
Curt Schilling+250
Barry Bonds+500
Roger Clemens+500
Jimmy Rollins+700
Scott Rolen+1000
Omar Vizquel+1000
Manny Ramirez+1500
Mark Teixeira+1500
Billy Wagner+1500
Todd Helton+2000
Gary Sheffied+2000
Joe Nathan+2000
Jonathan Papelbon+2000
No one gets inducted to the MLB ~ HOF+1000

Bonds, Clemens and Schilling

Everyone but crusty, old baseball writers know that Barry Bonds (+500) and Roger Clemens (+500) belong in the Hall of Fame but after each received just under 62% of the vote last year, these generational talents will need at least 50 voters to have an unexpected change of heart in order to get in.

While steroid use has sealed Bonds’ and Clemens’ fates with voters, BBWAA members have left Curt Schilling (+250) off their ballots simply for being an asshole. After almost getting in the Hall last year with 71% of the vote, the 2001 World Series Co-MVP voiced his support for the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. The known Islamaphobe and homophobe then penned a letter declaring he will not participate in the 2022 vote.

Barry Bonds to make MLB HOF in 2022
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Curt Schillingto make MLB HOF in 2022
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Ortiz and Rodriguez favored to get in

David Ortiz (-500) and Alex Rodriguez (-150) headline the list of first-time candidates, although it’s curious that both are favored to get in on the first try given both their names were leaked to the New York Times in 2009 as two of more than 100 players who tested positive for PEDs during the 2003 spring training.

As only one of 10 players to ever win three MVP awards, A-Rod has the far superior HOF case on the field, but while he admitted to using steroids and was suspended for receiving HGH in the 2013 Biogenesis scandal, Boston’s beloved “Big Papi” has maintained his innocence.

With questions surrounding both Ortiz and Rodriguez, we recommend taking “no one gets inducted” at +1000 (BetUS).

It’s unlikely that any of the first-time candidates (Mark Teixeira, Jimmy Rollins, Carl Crawford, Jake Peavy, Justin Morneau, Prince Fielder, Joe Nathan, Tim Lincecum, Jonathan Papelbon and Ryan Howard) ever make it to Cooperstown and most of the returning players on the ballot were still far from reaching the 75% threshold in 2021.

Eight-time Gold Glove Award-winning third baseman Scott Rolen (+1000) has seen his support jump from 17.2% to 35.3% to 52.9% over the past three voting cycles, but a 2023 election looks more probable at this point.

Scott Rolento make MLB HOF in 2022
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