MLB Odds A-Rod Wants to be back

The New York Yankees could use some help at bat, but I’m not sure the help they are looking for is Alex Rodriguez.  The veteran wants to be around for his team for the second half of the season and improve his team odds to win the World Series.

alex rodriguezA-Rod will start a minor league injury rehabilitation according to some sources before getting back on track with the team.

“So far, no issues,” Rodriguez said. “I’m just working really hard. I’m having fun. It’s exciting to be back on the field. I feel like my swing is definitely getting back to form.  (Defensively) moving better the last few days. Everything is coming along.”

The Yankees are listed 16/1 to win the World Series and so far they are behind the Red Sox in the American League East division; that’s they also believe Rodriguez could be helpful.

“We need Alex back,” Levine said this week. “How effective he’ll be when he comes back, how good he’ll be, we don’t know. But we are desperate for his right-handed power, and he’s better than any third baseman on this team right now.”

“Obviously, it’s no secret that we’re struggling against left-handed pitching, that our whole offense is struggling and that we’ve had very, very serious injuries,” he said. “We need right-handed power. We don’t have any right-handed power, none right now. Any semblance of A-Rod would help us. Even last year’s A-Rod would be a big upgrade over what we have right now.”

The odds for the Yankees when A-Rod comes back will probably stay about the same, but things could change if they get some momentum going.

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