MLB Odds – Chris Sale’s Next Art Project

I’m not gonna lie, we try to pull readers by capitalizing on trending news stories and top sports headlines. (What’s that, Josh Gordon was just reinstated? Here, have some odds on his upcoming season.) But sometimes a story is so stupid that we need a little time and space before delving in, whole hog. Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale provided us with one such story last week when he decided he didn’t want to wear his team’s throwback uniforms.

Evidently, the ace found the uniforms cumbersome.

So what did he do? Threw a tantrum and took a pair of scissors to the jerseys shortly before the opening pitch, ensuring the team would have to don something else. It was the definition of petulant.

Sale, who’s one of the hottest commodities in the lead up to the MLB non-waiver trade deadline, was scratched from his scheduled start and suspended for five games. But rumors are that his little arts-and-crafts project hasn’t hurt his trade value.

I guess that’s the power of a 97 MPH two-seam fastball paired with an 85 MPH changeup.

What does the future hold for the AL’s Cy Young favorite? I’m finally prepared to address that.

Chris Sale Odds

Odds Chris Sale is traded before the August 1 non-waiver trade deadline: 1/1

The White Sox aren’t contenders, but Sale is under contract until 2019 on a very team-friendly deal. If anyone wants to get their hands on the dominant lefty, they’re going to have to part with a king’s ransom of prospects. (We’ll see how desperate the Red Sox really are for a true number one starter.) Sale’s recent antics – and his previous clashes with management – aren’t going to change that.

If Chris Sale is traded this season, odds he goes to the …

Red Sox: 3/1

Dodgers: 7/2

Rangers: 6/1

Astros: 6/1

FIELD: 3/1

Odds on Chris Sale’s next arts-and-crafts project:

Festive ribbon curls: 5/1

Tibetan prayer flags: 8/1

One of those hand-turkeys: 10/1

A Pokemon Go cos-play outfit: 12/1

A diorama for Drake LaRoche’s 9th-grade art class: 25/1

All of the scissor-heavy projects are near the top, of course.

Odds the White Sox hold a “Tattered Jersey Giveaway” night: 4/1

If you hadn’t thought of this already, Jerry Reinsdorf, you’re welcome.

Odds on the next sportsman to destroy his team’s uniforms

Yordano Ventura, KC Royals (MLB): 9/1

DeMarcus Cousins, Sac. Kings (NBA): 20/1

Anthony Martial, Man. United (EPL): 25/1

Johnny Manziel, free agent (NFL): 99/1

Ventura is, without doubt, the most childish player in the bigs right now. Cousins and Martial are both unhappy with their current teams for varying reasons. Manziel has the “childish” part down to a tee, but is lacking one crucial element: a team to play for! OH SNAP!!

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