MLB Odds – Updated World Series Futures – June 3rd

The MLB is nearly one-third of the way through the regular season and odds to win the World Series have fluctuated significantly since the start of the year. As pitching rotations are shored up, injuries take their toll, and breakout performers emerge, some nines are trending up (hello Houston!) while others have seen their odds to take the Fall Classic plummet (goodbye Miami!).

The defending American League champs from Kansas City were given little respect at the start of the season, opening at 35/1. A strong opening month saw the Royals rise to 16/1, an even better May has them sitting as 6/1 co-favorites with the stacked Nationals.

Speaking of Washington, despite having ace Stephen Strasburg pitching sub-par poorly before finding his way to the disabled list, the Nats are in a good position to make the playoffs, and have only fallen slightly 4/1. Look out if Strasburg returns healthy in the second half.

In the AL West, the Houston Astros are threatening to run away in the AL West. Yes, the same Astros that went 70-92 last year after losing 100 games in each of the three previous seasons. Houston opened the year at 60/1 and are still decent value at 18/1.

While Boston began the year at what felt like a short 13/1 price, there was reason for optimism after a busy off-season. The Red Sox have the second fewest wins in the AL but still sit at 30/1. Their odds could get even longer very soon given that they have the second-worst run differential in the league.

Miami is the National League’s version of the Red Sox. The Marlins made moves during the winter that had them poised to improve on a 77 win campaign and they began the year at 38/1. But a dreadful start has seen them fall all the way to 100/1. Management hasn’t helped matters, turning their GM into a field manager and allowing discontent to run rampant in the locker room. I’d rather bet on LeBron returning to the Heat at this point than the Marlins to win anything.

All that being said, there are still more than 100 games to play in the regular season. If you have a notion now, it could be profitable come October.

Current 2015 World Series Futures:

Kansas City Royals: 6/1

Washington Nationals: 6/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 10/1

San Francisco Giants: 10/1

Chicago Cubs: 14/1

Detroit Tigers: 16/1

Houston Astros: 18/1

New York Mets: 20/1

Los Angeles Angels: 25/1

New York Yankees: 25/1

Boston Red Sox: 30/1

Seattle Mariners: 30/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 30/1

San Diego Padres: 35/1

Minnesota Twins: 40/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 40/1

Cleveland Indians: 40/1

Chicago White Sox: 40/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 50/1

Baltimore Orioles: 50/1

Oakland Athletics: 100/1

Texas Rangers: 100/1

Miami Marlins: 100/1

Cincinnati Reds: 200/1

Atlanta Braves: 250/1

Colorado Rockies: 250/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 250/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 300/1

Milwaukee Brewers: 500/1


Preseason 2015 World Series Futures:

Washington Nationals: 4/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1

Los Angeles Angels: 11/1

Boston Red Sox: 13/1

Chicago Cubs: 14/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 14/1

Seattle Mariners: 15/1

San Francisco Giants: 16/1

Chicago White Sox: 18/1

San Diego Padres: 20/1

Detroit Tigers: 22/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 25/1

Cleveland Indians: 26/1

Baltimore Orioles: 28/1

New York Mets: 28/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 28/1

New York Yankees: 30/1

Kansas City Royals: 35/1

Miami Marlins: 38/1

Oakland Athletics: 40/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 45/1

Texas Rangers: 45/1

Houston Astros: 60/1

Cincinnati Reds: 70/1

Milwaukee Brewers 70/1

Atlanta Braves: 100/1

Minnesota Twins: 120/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 125/1

Colorado Rockies: 125/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 275/1


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