MLB World Series Futures – Phillies Still on Top

Philly opened the MLB season atop the odds and are still hanging on strong as the top odds on team to win the World Series.

They’re favored to come out of the N.L. and own the lowest team ERA in baseball.

This doesn’t mean it’s a done deal by any means, but you can’t argue that their pitching rotation is the best in baseball, and that wins championships.

MLB World Series Futures – Phillies Still on TopTheir World Series Winning Odds sit at a staggering +170 right now, telling us all that oddsmakers are on board with a likely Phillies Championship this season.

Even the standard teams that year in and out seem to be at the top of the World Series futures boards, i.e.; Yankees and Red Sox, look to be way behind this Philly Squad this year.

The Red Sox are hanging steady at +320 and are favored to make it out of the A.L., but the Yankees look way back at +600 right now, despite staying neck and neck with the Red Sox in the A.L. East all season and have an over achieving bull pen.

Seeing the Yankees odds parallel with the Brewers on the board is a strange site t see.

So does any team hold realistic value in a bet to come through in October?

The money to make on a Philly World Series is far from enticing, and even the Red Sox line isn’t much to get excited for. What I look at is the New York Yankees at +600. Getting that value out of New York this late in the season is almost a gimme. They’ll be in tough to even make it out of the A.L., but just seeing ANY type of value on a Yankees bet is good money management.

Here are the latest MLB World Series Winning Odds:

Philadelphia Phillies   +170

Boston Red Sox                +320

Milwaukee Brewers    +600

New York Yankees                +600

Atlanta Braves                +950

Texas Rangers                +1100

Detroit Tigers                +1500

Arizona Diamondbacks    +1900

San Francisco Giants    +2800

Los Angeles Angels    +3300

Tampa Bay Rays                +10000

Chicago White Sox                +10000

Cleveland Indians                +15000

St Louis Cardinals                +20000



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