MLB World Series Lines – Giants vs Tigers Game 3

The Detroit Tigers are in a deep and difficult situation, 0-2 down and facing a crucial game 3 this Saturday, but with the good news that they will have their fans right next to them this time. Tigers and Giants meet in game 3 of the World Series at Comerica Park.

MLB World Series Lines – Giants vs Tigers Game 3The two pitchers for this game are Ryan Vogelsong for the Giants and Anibal Sanchez for Detroit.

On Thursday night, the Giants played small and had a little luck coming their way to win 2-0. “It definitely feels a whole lot better than having our backs against the wall,” said Madison Bumgarner, who shut down the Detroit Tigers for seven innings. “But you can’t relax. We’ve got to keep pushing”.

“Just able to make pitches,” Bumgarner said. “I hadn’t done a very good job of making pitches this postseason so far and this is a team that you’re not going to be able to afford to miss with.

“That’s the way baseball is. When things are going well, things are bouncing your way,” Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro said. “If things aren’t going well, you just keep battling and playing hard. No one is taking anything for granted”.

The Tigers know they need to make things happen at the plate; they are not getting people on base and you just can’t win this way.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “We got two hits tonight. I’m certainly not going to sit up here and rip my offense because last night I thought we had some pretty good swings. Cabrera hit a bullet tonight”.

The betting lines have the Tigers as favorites to win game 3 in the moneyline listed at -147; the Giants’ victory pays off +137.

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