Pick To Win MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix

And then there were five — as in five races remaining in the 2021 MotoGP betting season. The dash to the finish marches on in San Marino. Here’s your complete guide to the competition, including our very own picks to win MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix.

MotoGP betting odds are currently not on the board at the top online sportsbooks. We expect that to change as the race draws closer come Sunday. However, expect all the usual suspects to be favored to win.

Fabio QuartararoTBDTBD
Francesco BagnaiaTBDTBD
Johann ZarcoTBDTBD
Jack MillerTBDTBD

2021 San Marino GP Preview

As it’s been almost all season long, Fabio Quartararo is in the driver’s seat to win the Riders Championship. Heck, at this point, he’s almost at the finish line. The Frenchman is up to 214 points on the season — 53 ahead of Francesco Bagnaia in second.

If we want to play devil’s advocate, Quartaro did only finish eighth at the most recent Aragon Grand Prix. The performance was his second-worst of the entire season. Bagnaia won that event, the first victory of 2021 for the Italian, which helped him jump up the leaderboard. But at this point, it feels like too little too late. Barring a DNF from Quartaro, it’ll take a miracle for another rider to leapfrog him for the world title.

As for the upcoming matchup, it’s been an on-again, off-again fixture in the MotoGP calendar since the early ’80s. Despite being called the San Marino GP, the event doesn’t actually happen in San Marino. The Misano World Circuit where this race goes down is actually located in the province of Rimini, which is in Italy. The name is deliberately changed to avoid confusion with the Italian Grand Prix held in Tuscany.

2021 San Marino Betting Pick

We have two separate betting picks to win this MotoGP race. Once betting odds are released, you’ll likely get steep odds all around given the large racing field. Those longshot odds give you the opportunity to “spread the wealth around” and bet on multiple drivers since the payouts are so high and can make up for the losing tickets. That’s what we’re doing with our two-pronged betting approach, which is as follows:

Fabio Quartararo

Look, we’re not going to overthink this one and wager with the champion front-runner. In fact, we’re going to bet Quartararo to win every remaining race in MotoGP — he’s that dominant in 2021!

Yes, he wasn’t at his best at Aragon, but he also said something was off about his tyre on the day of. We think he’ll get back on track at San Marino. At the very least, you want to wager on Quartararo to finish at the podium, where he’s done so eight times in 13 races this year.


Fabio Quartararoto win the 2021 MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix
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Marc Marquez

It’s worth noting that Marquez — an all-timer in this sport — finished runner-up at Aragon. It was his best finish this season since winning the German Grand Prix back in June. He’s gaining momentum and is now entering a circuit where he has a checkered past.

Get this, Marquez has more wins at San Marino (6) than any other driver in history. His three MotoGP wins (the other three were in Moto2 and 125cc) came in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Welp, we don’t have to tell you that 2021 is an odd number… and this is a trend worth riding, especially if Marquez’s betting line to win is long (which it likely will be).


Marc Marquezto win the 2021 MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix
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How To Watch MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix

As we said earlier, the time is ticking on the MotoGP season. The San Marino GP is one of the last opportunities to watch the best riders in the world in action. Here are all the viewing details you need to know before race day:

  • What day is the 2021 MotoGP San Marino race? Sunday, September 19
  • What time does the MotoGP San Marino race start? It’ll air at 6 pm EST
  • What channel is the MotoGP San Marino on? In the United States, MotoGP coverage is exclusively on the NBC Sports Network

After the San Marino GP, the riders head West for the American Grand Prix. It’ll be hosted at the Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas. Last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic, but all systems are a go in 2021. That’ll take place on October 3 so mark your calendars now!

How To Bet The San Marino Grand Prix

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