Best Bet To Win 2022 MotoGP France Race

We’re at a critical juncture in the 2022 MotoGP season. Six races are down, while 16 remain on tap — so we’re almost one-third of the way through the year. With the Jerez Test just being finished, big changes could be ahead for competing teams and riders. We’re going to tell you what to expect the next time out at the French Grand Prix, plus who to bet on to win!

At this moment, the most-used betting sites for MotoGP have yet to release odds on who will win the event. That’s likely because race day — Sunday, May 15 — is still a ways away. Once the event nears, we expect lines to be posted. Regardless, we have a pretty good idea of which riders will be favored to win in France:

Fabio QuartararoTBDTBD
Aleix EspargaróTBDTBD
Enea BastianiniTBDTBD
Francesco BagnaiaTBDTBD
Johann ZarcoTBDTBD

French Grand Prix Preview

Any preview of the French Grand Prix almost has to start with history. This race has been an annual staple of MotoGP ever since 1951 — more than 70 years ago now. Eight different circuits have been used to host the French Grand Prix. The most recent one, which will play host this May 15, will be the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans. This track has been a consistent site since 2000.

Amazingly, a French rider has won the premier class race only one time in history — Pierre Monneret was the outlier winner in 1954. That’s a bad omen for Yahama’s Fabio Quartararo and Johann Zarco of Ducati — both of whom are French natives. Quartararo is currently atop the 2022 standings with 89 points. Following closely behind is Aleix Espargaró (82), then Enea Bastianini and Alex Rins (both at a nice 69 apiece).

Earlier this week, the Jerez Test went down in Spain. Many manufacturers used this post-Spain GP event to experiment with new motorcycle materials (no championship points are on the line at it, hence why it’s a test). Honda was one of those manufacturers who spent the test toying with the aero on Marc Marquez’s bike (not Rins). The eight-time world champion has struggled this season, failing to finish on the podium once so far.

KTM also unveiled completely redone exhausts — with the bottom exhaust being a lot longer than before. Ducati tried a similar experiment earlier in the year but have since gone away from it. KTM needs all the help or can get at this point. Its top-performing rider, Brad Binder, is all the way in eighth place in the title standings.

Speaking of Ducati, they had a quiet time at the Jerez Test with no major changes. Ducati leads the Constructors Championship by a 42-point margin so perhaps they’re taking the “it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach.

Betting Advice For 2022 French Grand Prix

It’s been tough to put a finger on MotoGP this whole season. Each race has been won by a different rider, minus the Grand Prix of Americas, which was taken by Bastianini (the only repeat winner so far having also been victorious at Qatar). Still, we’re confident enough to make these betting predictions for the 2022 French Grand Prix:

Take Quartararo To End France’s Dry Spell

We told you about the French native “curse” at this event, one that spans almost 70 years. But what if we told you that the drought will end this year? We’re betting that happens because reigning world title-holder Quartararo is our pick to win — history be damned.

We’re going to be completely honest: we wrote off Quartararo earlier in this season. And if you ask the Frenchman himself, he might have too. Yamaha’s bike struggled mightily earlier this season, which led to seventh and eighth-place finishes for Quartararo. Then a few weeks ago, he claimed his first victory in Portugal (by a five-second margin, no less), which made Quartararo visibly emotional at the podium. He followed that with a runner-up finish at the most recent Spanish Grand Prix.

Folks, the champ is officially back! He has all the momentum in the world right now, which as a bettor, you’d be smart to “ride” with. Throw a bet his way at the French GP.

Fabio Quartararoto win 2022 MotoGP French GP
Bet now

Make An Alternate Bet On Francesco Bagnaia

You’d be wise not to “put all your eggs in one basket” and solely bet Quartararo despite his hot streak. This sport is notoriously unpredictable, so you need an alternate bet or two. At the upcoming race, there’s no better backup bet than Bagnaia.

Like Quartararo, Bagnaia is also on the upswing after a rough go early on in the season (he started with a DNF and 15th-place finish during the year’s first two races). But more recently, the Italian barely beat out Quartararo at the Spanish GP to claim his first victory of the season. Both riders are red-hot, so you might as well throw wagers on each and let the “better man win.”

Francesco Bagnaiato win 2022 MotoGP French GP
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How To Bet On 2022 MotoGP Season?

For better or worse, MotoGP racing flies under the radar for most bettors, at least compared to Formula 1 and NASCAR. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s easier to establish a betting “edge” over the popular online sportsbooks that offer it, such as the ones listed below. Throughout the year, the below bookies are the best place to bet on the MotoGP season. As we said earlier, current betting odds for the upcoming French race are down but trust us, that won’t last long. Check back to these sites in the days that follow for up-to-date lines on the Grand Prix.




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