MotoGP 2022 Riders Championship Predictions

The best riders and teams are in a flurry to get ready for the upcoming MotoGP racing season. Similarly, smart bettors should also be in preparation mode because we’re only weeks from MotoGP returning to action. For those that need help in their preparation, we’ve organized our MotoGP 2022 Riders Championship predictions right here!

At the moment, the top online sportsbooks have yet to release odds for the 2022 world championship. We expect that to change from now and the season opener in March, but expect the usual suspects to be favored to win it all.

Fabio QuartararoTBDTBD
Francesco BagnaiaTBDTBD
Marc MarquezTBDTBD
Johann ZarcoTBDTBD
Jack MillerTBDTBD

MotoGP 2022 Betting Predictions

Unlike another motorsport (cough cough Formula 1), MotoGP has more depth in its racing field. Cause of that, there’s been a new world champion each of the past three seasons. So if you’re going to make MotoGP 2022 betting predictions, you should expect the unexpected. It may sound cliche, but it’s especially true in an unpredictable sport like MotoGP.

Therefore, it’s not a smart idea to just bet on one rider to win the world championship at the season’s end. No, you’ll want to “spread the wealth” per se and wager on several different drivers (how many depends on your bankroll). That’s our approach here and while there are many worthy betting candidates, the two below evoke the most confidence out of us right now. Let’s get into it:

Fabio Quartararo

Maybe this is the “easy” bet to make, but it’s also the “smart” bet to make. We mean, not only did Quartararo win the title last season, but he did so with two races to spare. The Frenchman for Yamaha led the standings almost wire-to-wire, including five outright wins and 10 podium finishes. Oh, and did we mention he’s only 22 years old? Quartararo still has room to improve.

Critics might be quick to say Quartararo “fell off” at the end of the season. That’s true, but we sense that was more a byproduct of him racing more conservatively. Toward the end of the season, he had such a huge lead on his opponents that he just needed not to have any DNF’s to hold onto the title — which he did with 26 points to spare.

So yes, we’re backing Quartararo to repeat as champion and we’re not even thinking about it twice. He was so dominant throughout 2021 that he almost becomes “automatic” bet-worthy.

Fabio Quartararoto win the 2022 MotoGP World Championship
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Marc Marquez

Alright, if our Quartararo pick was “safe”, then our second bet needs to be riskier. In that case, we’re taking the all-timer Marquez. It’s risky because he suffered an eye injury at the season’s end, which is threatening his 2022 season. Marquez was suffering from diplopia, which causes the vision to see doubles of everything, which as you can imagine is not something you ever want to race with.

But assuming Marquez can nurse that eye back into full strength, without missing events, then he’s a strong candidate to win it all. During different points of 2021, but especially toward the end, the Spaniard looked like his old dominant self again. Plus, talent is not the issue with Marquez, it’s been health each of the last three years. If healthy — which admittedly is a big if at this point — Marquez might still be the best in the world. Cause of that, we’re betting on him here.

Fabio Quartararoto win the 2022 MotoGP World Championship
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When Does The 2022 MotoGP Season Start?

The 2022 MotoGP season stars back up on March 6 with the usual Qatar Grand Prix. Unless COVID forces the sport to cancel more races — as it did in 2020 and 2021 — then the coming MotoGP season will feature 21 different races. That’s a record for most in a single season.

Here are a few races that you should mark on your calendar right now:

  • March 20 — Indonesian Grand Prix (the return of this event for the first time since 1997)
  • April 3 — Argentinian Grand Prix (due to COVID, this race has been canceled the past two seasons)
  • April 10 — Americas Grand Prix
  • April 24 — Portuguese Grand Prix
  • July 10 — Finnish Grand Prix (another event that’s been canceled three years in a row)
  • August 7 — British Grand Prix (the first race after the summer break)
  • September 25 — Japan Grand Prix
  • November 6 — Valencian Grand Prix (the season finale)

How To Bet On MotoGP?

As mentioned above, 2022 will be the longest season in MotoGP history — if all goes as planned, of course, there’s no telling if COVID will force more cancellations. A 21-race season just means bettors have 21 different chances to cash in on the best riders in the entire world. If you want to bet on MotoGP, whether that’s race winners or futures and props, then you can do so at one of the bookmakers below. Once the season is underway, they’ll carry all the MotoGP odds you can think of.

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